Manage the air traffic

Passion and responsibility

Fascination, performance, teamwork, technology are just some aspects of the profession of Air Traffic Controller (ATCO). ATCOs control the aircraft moving through their areas of responsibility – from takeoff to landing. They work in tower and approach, area control centers or as Tactical Fighter Controllers in the air defence and direction center.

An intensive training for an exciting job

Whether you're a young professional in an aviation-related or any other professional area wanting a new challenge, or a highschool graduate looking to enter an attractive domain in constant evolution, here is a summary of what ATCO training covers:

  • Paid training courses over a 2 ½ year period.
  • Courses include aerodynamics, aircraft technology, meteorology, radar and radio technology, navigation, air traffic information services and technical English.
  • In addition to theory, trainees also receive simulator and on-the-job training. Diploma work on an aviation theme completes the training.
  • Upon successful completion, trainees receive an international licence, recognised throughout Europe.
  • Upon receipt of their licence, ATCOs carry the title of «Air Traffic Controller» accredited by the Swiss Federal Office of Professional Education and Technology.
  • ATCOs have frequent opportunities for promotion and development. Many members of our management and respected industry experts began their career as Air Traffic Controllers.


You find a detailed job description and training requirements for Air Traffic Controllers right here on this site, or in our online brochure (German/French/Italian).


 For more information, please contact recruitment(at)skyguide.ch.


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