Striving for efficiency

Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases

In addition to determining optimal routing and cost-effectiveness, new route structures and flight procedures submitted to us are also reviewed for possible reductions in length and noise emission. Efficient flight handling leads to less fuel consumption and reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. One example: Greener Wave

More demanding environmental guidelines

European regulatory authorities have implemented stringent requirements on air transport to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Air navigation service providers are required to meet specific ecological objectives under the Single European Sky programme.

Collaborating with all aviation partners

We increase efficiency gains by working closely with our domestic and international partners to devise tools and procedures that further improve overall system performance while minimising its environmental impact. Concrete operational measures include:

  • Pilots at Swiss airports do not receive permission to start their engines until shortly before pushback, preventing unnecessary fuel consumption.
  • Together with Swiss International Air Lines and the Zurich airport authority, we are working on the Atlantic Interoperability Initiative to Reduce Emissions (AIRE) to develop more fluid approach and taxiing procedures for the airport’s first morning long-haul arrivals.
  • Our contribution to the FABEC initiatives – such as the night network, city pairs and hot spots – are also aimed at shortening routes and enhancing the environmental credentials of the system as a whole.

For more information, see also www.enviro.aero, an initiative of commercial aviation and supported by CANSO and skyguide.


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