International approach

Skyguide already meets all the requirements of all regional, national and international environmental law. Through its active collaboration in bodies such as FABEC and CANSO and various technical projects, skyguide also ensures that its expertise in and appreciation of environmental concerns remain fully up-to-date. The environmental impact of aviation is an international issue, though; and, as such, its solution demands a similarly global approach.

Supporting international efforts to raise efficiency

The air navigation service providers aim to play their part in protecting the environment by raising their own efficiency. FABEC initiatives like the "Night Network", "City Pairs" and "Hot Spots", in which skyguide has also been involved, shorten flight routes and improve the entire system's overall ecological credentials. Skyguide has also been participating, together with Swiss International Air Lines and the Zurich airport authority, in the Atlantic Interoperability Initiative to Reduce Emissions (AIRE) programme, which is working under the aegis of the SESAR joint undertaking into ATM research to help improve the efficiency of Zurich-bound transatlantic flights.


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