Skyguide in Grenchen (LSZG)

Skyguide has its head office in Geneva and operations at 14 locations in Switzerland, among which Grenchen.


General description

Regional airport, civil air traffic

Skyguide tasks

  • Aerodrome control
  • A variety of aviation activities, such as VFR and IFR, from business jets to double-deckers or gliders
  • emanding a great flexibility from air navigation services)
  • Very high traffic density with up to 70 000 movements a year due to the co-existence of all the types of flying carried on (see below)


  • Aviation meeting-point at the southern foot of the Jura
  • Extraordinary variety of aviation activities with business travel traffic and flight training centre as well as the co-existence of all the types of flying carried on (motorised, gliders, parachuting and model aircraft)


Concession holder and operator of the airport: Regionalflugplatz Jura-Grenchen AG

Airport address

Flughafenstrasse 117
CH-2540 Grenchen
Tel +41 32 396 96 96

skyguide address

Flughafenstrasse 117
2540 Grenchen
Tel +41 32 396 96 00
Fax +41 32 396 96 01
E-Mail lszg(at)skyguide.ch


Skyguide raises both punctuality and productivity in the first half of 2015 while handling slightly higher traffic volumes


Consortium examines more environmentally friendly methods


Skyguide develops new satellite-based approach procedures for Les Eplatures (NE) aerodrome. Live tests successfully performed by Swiss Air Force.


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