Skyguide in Grenchen (LSZG)

Skyguide has its head office in Geneva and operations at 14 locations in Switzerland, among which Grenchen.


General description

Regional airport, civil air traffic

Skyguide tasks

  • Aerodrome control
  • A variety of aviation activities, such as VFR and IFR, from business jets to double-deckers or gliders
  • emanding a great flexibility from air navigation services)
  • Very high traffic density with up to 70 000 movements a year due to the co-existence of all the types of flying carried on (see below)


  • Aviation meeting-point at the southern foot of the Jura
  • Extraordinary variety of aviation activities with business travel traffic and flight training centre as well as the co-existence of all the types of flying carried on (motorised, gliders, parachuting and model aircraft)


Concession holder and operator of the airport: Regionalflugplatz Jura-Grenchen AG

Airport address

Flughafenstrasse 117
CH-2540 Grenchen
Tel +41 32 396 96 96

skyguide address

Flughafenstrasse 117
2540 Grenchen
Tel +41 32 396 96 00
Fax +41 32 396 96 01
E-Mail lszg(at)skyguide.ch


ASA, OFAC et skyguide décident d’affiner un plan de mesures sur les services de la navigation aérienne


Skyguide reports continued traffic growth and even higher punctuality for the first half of 2016, along with tangible progress in LP24 implementation


Skyguide celebrates the completion of the round the world trip of its partner Solar Impulse. Air Navigation Services key for mission success.


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