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04.08.16Skyguide reports continued traffic growth and even higher punctuality for the first half of 2016, along with tangible progress in LP24 implementation
29.07.16Skyguide celebrates the completion of the round the world trip of its partner Solar Impulse. Air Navigation Services key for mission success.
11.05.16Round-the-clock air policing: skyguide is supporting the authorities and Air
29.03.16Skyguide in 2015: operating result maintained at prior-year levels; traffic growth offsets currency-related revenue losses
12.02.16Neuer GAV bei skyguide
12.02.16Skyguide’s 2015: consistently high punctuality despite traffic levels boosted by low oil prices and a stronger Eurozone economy
14.12.15Skyguide to further lower its approach charges for Switzerland’s international airports: reduction of almost 8% from 1 January 2016
24.11.153. skyguide business day bringt Stakeholder der Schweizer Luftfahrt in Bern zusammen. Technologie als Treiber von aviatischer Innovation.
28.10.15Fuel Dump over French Alps
07.09.15Fuel dump over southern Germany and Switzerland
24.08.15Flight trials aiming to optimize the early morning arrival wave at Zurich Airport kick started
27.07.15Skyguide raises both punctuality and productivity in the first half of 2015 while handling slightly higher traffic volumes
30.04.15Consortium examines more environmentally friendly methods
21.04.15Skyguide develops new satellite-based approach procedures for Les Eplatures (NE) aerodrome. Live tests successfully performed by Swiss Air Force.
24.03.15Skyguide’s 2014 business year: corporate stability strengthened; operating result below prior-year level
19.01.15Skyguide’s 2014: very high punctuality levels maintained despite slight increase in traffic volumes
04.11.14Hans Bracher becomes full member of the Executive Board
12.09.14skyguide requests simplified air space structures
09.07.14Skyguide achieves high first-half punctuality and productivity against a slight recovery in traffic volumes
03.07.14Air Navigation Pro app now enhanced by AIS from skyguide
03.06.14Skyguide appoints Klaus Meier as its new Head of Technical Services
02.06.14Aircraft dumps fuel over France before unscheduled landing at Geneva Airport.
15.05.14Skyguide closer to its business aviation customers
17.04.14Anne Bobillier to be proposed for election to the Skyguide Board of Directors
25.03.14Skyguide’s 2013 business year: further consolidation and, thanks to rigorous cost management, a positive result despite traffic declines
06.02.14New collective labour agreement between skyguide and its air traffic controllers
31.01.14Skyguide plans the first virtual air traffic control centre
28.01.14Skyguide’s 2013: very high punctuality against a further decline in air traffic volumes
17.01.14Swiss ATC delays likely during multiple international events
04.12.13Aircraft dumps fuel over Western Switzerland
19.11.13Skyguide introduces skybriefing, its new integrated online pilot briefing solution
04.11.13Skyguide adopts electronic coordination to further modernize its Swiss air traffic management services
08.07.13Skyguide achieves high first-half punctuality and productivity with weak traffic volumes
02.07.13Skyguide to train aspiring Swedish air traffic controllers in Switzerland
28.05.13Meyrin Economic Forum - 29, 30 and 31 may 2013
21.05.13FABEC performance report 2012
03.04.13The 2012 business year: Excellent operating and satisfactory financial performance despite a weak economy and declines in air traffic volumes
06.02.13Review of 2012: very good punctuality record at skyguide with a reduced volume of traffic
05.02.13Swiss ANS solutions @ World ATM Congress
01.02.13Vladi Barrosa appointed head of media relations at skyguide
31.01.13Air traffic control at the WEF in Davos – a special challenge
22.01.13Exchange of electronic data between pilots and air traffic controllers: skyguide at the forefront in Europe
07.01.13Aircraft dumps fuel over Western Switzerland
14.11.12Skyguide training center brings new tower simulator into operation
13.09.12Latest class of future air traffic controllers begin their skyguide training
09.08.12Customer satisfaction 2012: skyguide well-rated again
13.07.12Skyguide achieves high first-half punctuality and productivity with lower traffic volumes
26.06.12Tenth anniversary of Überlingen accident: approach to safety has changed radically
31.05.12Hans Bracher is the new Head of Human Resource Management
30.05.12Aircraft dumps fuel over the Swiss-Italian border area
25.05.12Air navigation services employees awarded new professional college degree
10.05.12Jean-Yves Bonvin elected to the Skyguide Board of Directors
04.04.12The 2011 business year: an outstanding performance through consistent cost control, revenue gains and operational improvements
08.03.12Skyguide optimises route network within Swiss airspace
06.03.12Skyguide honoured for adopting EGNOS-based satellite navigation procedures
24.02.12New functions to assist radar controllers at skyguide's Dübendorf control centre
10.02.12New functions to assist skyguide's radar controllers
25.01.12Skyguide reports tangible traffic growth and top punctuality in 2011
12.01.12Skyguide takes over weather radar maintenance under new collaboration with MeteoSwiss
22.11.11Skyguide sharpens its brand identity
17.11.11Signals from space enhance GPS accuracy
30.09.11Skyguide to lower its Geneva and Zurich approach charges with effect from 1 October
12.09.11Cleared for takeoff: a new class of future air traffic controllers begin their skyguide training
08.09.11IFIS 2012 to be held in Braunschweig, Germany
11.07.112011 first-half performance: Good punctuality levels despite a significant increase in traffic volume
03.06.11Aircraft dumps fuel over Jura
24.05.11Skyguide and its AOT staff associations conclude new CLA
18.05.11Skyguide takes a further step towards a digital workstation: flight level clearances now electronically processed
28.04.1125th anniversary of the control tower in Zurich
15.04.11Alex Bristol named new Chief Operating Officer
13.04.11Skyguide in 2010: still on course despite exceptional developments
27.01.11Skyguide achieves further punctuality record: 96% of all flights handled on time in 2010
18.01.11Skyguide scores highly in its 2010 Client Satisfaction Survey
14.12.10Skyguide to adjust route charges for 2011
15.11.10Change to the skyguide Board of Management
10.11.10Shorter night routes in Europe
19.10.10Skyguide CEO Daniel Weder appointed to the EU Commission’s Aviation Platform
02.10.10Aircraft dumps fuel over the French-Swiss border region
06.08.102010 first-half traffic results: first signs of an upturn, despite a slight overall volume decline
15.06.10New collision warning system now in use at Zurich and Geneva
10.06.10For more safety in air traffic: maintenance work at Le Cunay radio station (VD)
03.06.10Skyguide raises capacity 20% by restructuring upper airspace
21.05.10Vaud Canton: Construction of an antenna for skyguide and the Swiss Army
13.04.10Skyguide in 2009: position strengthened in a difficult economic environment
29.03.10Skyguide’s air traffic controllers approve new collective labour agreement
22.01.10Skyguide achieves new record 95% punctuality for 2009
28.12.09Aircraft dumps fuel over Eastern France
23.12.09Aircraft dumps fuel over Western Switzerland and Eastern France
23.12.09Aircraft dumps fuel over Eastern France and the Jura
18.12.09Fewer sectors, greater capacity: the upper airspace in western Switzerland has been reorganised
16.12.09Skyguide Training Center accredited as a professional college –New federal diploma for air traffic controllers
03.12.09Geneva Airport’s control tower marks its 25th anniversary
28.11.09Aircraft dumps fuel over the Swiss Plateau
17.11.09Skyguide, DFS and DSNA to conduct feasibility study for new joint control centre
16.07.09First half of 2009: substantial decline in traffic volumes and a record punctuality performance
29.06.09AOT staff unions conclude agreement with skyguide
19.06.09Temporary shutdown of flight plan data system at skyguide in Geneva causes delays
11.05.09Aircraft dumps fuel over the Jura mountain range
07.05.09Bernhard Müller elected to the skyguide Board of Directors
15.04.09Skyguide in 2008: new strategic alignment delivers first results
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Skyguide reports continued traffic growth and even higher punctuality for the first half of 2016, along with tangible progress in LP24 implementation


Skyguide celebrates the completion of the round the world trip of its partner Solar Impulse. Air Navigation Services key for mission success.


Round-the-clock air policing: skyguide is supporting the authorities and Air


OBA St. Gallen


Berufsinfoveranstaltung, skyguide Zürich


BAM Bern