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Our Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) consists of two services:

Information & Briefing Service

This centralised office provides flight advisory and preparation services via its integrated briefing web application skybriefing, together with the Expert Service Center. These are used primarily by flight crews and operations units of general aviation companies.


This service obtains, evaluates and prepares the international data required for flight briefings and operational planning (airspace restrictions, meteorological reports, NOTAMs, arrival and departure charts, etc.).


It is home to the ATS/AIS Reporting Office (ARO), which receives, processes and distributes flight plans, and also houses the International NOTAM Office (NOF), which is in contact with 150 similar units worldwide. The NOF ensures the publication and distribution of Swiss NOTAMs; evaluates those coming from its fellow NOFs and then forwards them to Swiss customers, via the briefing system or the provided web services interfaces. The interfaces provide access to electronic NOTAM data from authoritative sources either by web services requests or by data feed, which places data directly in the customers’ operating systems. Additionally the interfaces provide access to flight plan functions. 

Data Management & Aeronautical Publications

The Data Management & Aeronautical Publications unit publishes aeronautical information for Switzerland on behalf of the Swiss Confederation and in compliance with international provisions. In addition to "TAM" reports (NOTAMs, SNOWTAMs, etc.), they include static data published in printed form such as AIPs, VFR manuals and aeronautical charts. These are now increasingly provided digitally.


For flight plans, flight plan related messages or flight briefings, please use the skybriefing terminals at airports in Switzerland, or from home at www.skybriefing.com. You can also contact at anytime our AIM Services Switzerland, German/English: +41 43 931 6161. French/English: +41 43 931 6203, helpdesk(at)skybriefing.com.


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