Announce your special flight

The procedures for coordinating special flights, formalised by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation, are promulgated in details in VFR Manual (VFR RAC 4-0-8).


Flights within airspace class C and D must be coordinated by the operator or the organiser with air traffic control service prior to execution. Special flights include:

  • Photo and other survey flights
  • Transportation flights within CTR/TMA
  • All air displays and events
  • Regular sightseeing flights
  • Glider competitions
  • Balloon competitions (including balloon competitions for children within CTR)
  • Parachute jumping exercises.

Applications should be addressed to the ATC unit in charge no later than 10 business days before the earliest possible flight date, with an exact description of the flight concerned, using the form below. Whenever possible, the ATC unit should be provided with maps and flight route.


The receiving ATC unit will then coordinate the special flight with all ATC units, including the military.


The operator will be provided with all restrictions and conditions by the responsible ATC unit, including a reference number. For safety and efficiency reasons, no more than one special flight in airspace C or D at the same time per ATC sector can be accepted.


In case of heavy IFR traffic or other unusual situation, the flight may be delayed, cancelled or suspended by the responsible ATC unit.


The request should be sent to:

Special Flight Office Switzerland, OOCM
P.O. Box 23
8602 Wangen bei Dübendorf

Tel +41 43 931 62 36
Fax +41 58 460 38 83


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