Test flight pattern: only for Swiss-based aircraft maintenance companies

The procedures for coordinating test flight patterns, formalised by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation, are promulgated in details in AIP (ENR 1.1-4).


Test flight patterns can only be flown by Swiss-based aircraft maintenance companies.

To obtain approval for a test flight pattern

  • The operator of the test flight sends an "airspace request" to the Airspace Management Cell (AMC) at AMC(at)skyguide.ch.
  • This request must reach the AMC until Wednesday of the week before the requested flight, to allow the test flight to be included in the ASRO (Airspace Reservation Overview Switzerland).
  • On office days, late requests may still be made until 1200LT of the day before the planned flight. Flight acceptance will be subject to the availability of TRAs.

Pre-notification and activation

  • The same form must also be sent to testflight-eastA9(at)skyguide.ch not later than two hours before ETD for pre-notification to the ATC Unit concerned.
  • After sending the form, the test pilot must contact ATC via telephone (+41 43 931 69 60) for detailed coordination of the flight, including the maximum level to be used.
  • The operator will be informed about all restrictions and conditions by the ATC Unit responsible.


For safety and efficiency reasons, no more than one test flight can be accepted at the same time in airspace C or D.


In the event of heavy IFR traffic or other unusual situations, the flight may be delayed, cancelled or suspended by the appropriate ATC unit.


Test flight patterns will not be permitted during thunderstorm activity (CBs).


Download forms

  • Test Flight Pattern EastA9: Word / PDF


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