Basic familiarisation course in Air Traffic Management

The introductory course provides an introduction to air traffic control operations and is designed for individuals with little or no knowledge of air navigation services. Specifically:

  • new employees from all skyguide departments
  • new employees with a national supervisory authority who deal directly or indirectly with air navigation service
  • independent contractors working on skyguide operations projects
  • other interested parties working closely with air navigation services, such as operational engineering and airport planning staff

Course Objectives

  1. Familiarise students with the structure, organisation and principal procedures of skyguide’s air navigation services.
  2. Provide a detailed understanding of the tasks and working methods of operations personnel.


4 ½-day course with 33 modules:

  • 24 on theory
  • 4 during a guided tour
  • 3 preparatory lessons on simulators
  • 2 on simulators


  • Instructor-led events at skyguide facilities in the air navigation services center in Dübendorf
  • Guided tour at Zurich Airport


  • Experienced skyguide training center staff give the courses in Swiss/High German or English. Course materials are in English.
  • On request, a 2-week version with more in-depth study is available.


For more information, please contact:

commercial, skyguide training center

phone: +41 43 931 6251

E-Mail: training.center(at)skyguide.ch


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