Development training

The skyguide training center (STC) is internationally certificated to provide high-quality ATM training.


Human performance has to do with the interactive behaviour between people, tasks and systems. Optimising this interaction leads to greater efficiency, higher accuracy, and improved quality. Human factors training is our multidisciplinary effort to support you in attaining – and retaining – an efficient and successful team.


With its team of highly-qualified international instructors, the STC is the nationally and internationally certified educational basis for success and offers:

  • 200+ refresher and development courses annually, in English, French and German
  • 20 different development courses
  • 10 high-tech classrooms
  • Self-study options.

The training curriculum also includes proven elements in human performance, such as:

  • Team work and team roles: principles of team work, responsible behaviour
  • Communication: types, filters and barriers to communication, effective and correct feedback
  • Conflict management: different types, solutions to conflicts, conflicts at work
  • Change management: phases of life, perception in changes, how to manage change
  • Stress management: types, reactions and consequences of stress, relaxation methods
  • Self-reflection: Johary window, learning / thinking styles, examining my motivations
  • Methodical competence: accurate use of learning methods, planning and evaluation
  • Behaviour-oriented training / coaching methods.


Additional information:


For more information, please contact:

commercial, skyguide training center

phone: +41 43 931 6251

E-Mail: training.center(at)skyguide.ch


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