Initial training

The initial training at the skyguide training centre is divided into two modules:


Module 1: Twenty weeks of initial training, during which students acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to work as an air traffic controller. This phase covers theoretical subjects such as aerodynamics, meteorology, navigation, aircraft technical aspects and air traffic control rules and regulations. Trainees also take their first small steps as air traffic controllers by participating in group activities and then progressing to individual training in basic simulation of area, approach and tower control environments.


Module 2: After successful completion of Module 1, trainees are assigned to flight training school in a regional aerodrome, and receive 20 hours of flight training. This enables them to experience the actual tasks and specific needs of pilots for whom they will be providing air navigation services in the future.

Rating training

This specialised ATC training provides the trainee with the knowledge and skills related to a specific ATC discipline. The trainee assigned to a regional tower control unit undergoes the tower control (ADI) rating training. If the position being trained for is an approach control unit, the trainee takes part in approach control (APS) rating training. For en-route control units, the trainee follows the area control (ACS) rating training.



For more information, please contact:

commercial, skyguide training center

phone: +41 43 931 6251

E-Mail: training.center(at)skyguide.ch


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