#2 HRO Principle: We resist and tackle over-simplifications

HRO Principle: We resist and tackle over-simplifications

As an HRO, we are fully aware that we will never know everything, and thus strive to find out what we do not know. To this end, we promote as complete an understanding as possible of the system and its problems. In doing so, we avoid and challenge commonplaces and simplistic interpretations. The discerning perspective of every individual helps us achieve a better overall understanding.

Factual security versus compliance

HROs do not always do everything right. However, they learn from negative experiences. Like at Buochs Airport, where a country road leads across the runway. To avoid conflicts between car and air traffic, there are barriers on both sides of the runway.


Over and over again, people came between the closed barriers. Each of the players, FOCA, Airport Buochs AG and skyguide, were of the opinion that the situation was clear and that the solution to this problem was obvious … However, due to their different roles, their solutions were also different. Eventually, a strict ban on keeping every person and vehicle out of the zone was issued. This proved to be even more problematic because the service vehicle supposed to evacuate people was not allowed to access the critical zone either. Everyone involved realised that the solution was not that simple. Only two previously uninvolved experts were able to work out a satisfactory solution together. Nota bene a simple solution, which was only possible because both sides refrained from simplifying the problem. The map of Buochs airfield now shows the exact perimeter for the service vehicles and a procedure describes a possible evacuation of any civilian vehicles and pedestrians.