A CEO who listens to his employees

At skyguide, people in over 80 different professions work closely together for a common purpose. Skyguide offers jobs in domains such as IT and information security, projects and development, training and professional development, finance, administration and so on. Also, there are the company-specific professions air traffic controller, air navigation services employee and air traffic safety electronics personnel.

That is why, almost two years ago, when Alex Bristol took up his position as CEO of skyguide, he decided that one of his first actions would be to visit each of skyguide’s 14 sites and listen to the employees’ thoughts, uncertainties and hopes about the company’s future.

This year he is renewing this operation! The tour of Switzerland, which began in June, gives him the opportunity to meet all the employees, listen to them and explain where skyguide is heading in order to ensure a common future for the company.

The discussions concern both the operations as well as the company in general and are mainly related to the strategy skyguide is implementing and the possible options.

Success in the field of air navigation depends directly on the motivation, commitment and competence of the employees. A positive working environment and constructive collaboration are essential.

Find more information about work at skyguide on https://www.skyguide.ch/en/work-at-skyguide/why-skyguide/