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Why we need a Virtual Centre

The aviation context is changing, and we are on the cusp of a paradigm change for the ANS industry.

Europe is moving towards a new kind of Air Traffic Management (ATM) network enabled by new technologies, cooperative traffic management principles, innovative processes, a new approach to human resources management and by the emergence of new ANS business models. Safety and cost effectiveness remain the core foundations of the Aviation Industry, and, in Europe, the implementation of the Single European Sky still faces important challenges.

The past challenge of ensuring sufficient capacity has resurfaced, which needs to be flexible to demand, cost efficient and minimise environmental impact.

In addition, new challenges are arising especially with the integration of new airspace users as unmanned aircraft, increased automation, introduction of Artificial Intelligence and others.

We are required to learn to adapt to a much faster evolving market, adopt and make use of new technologies whilst offering the required capacity and further improving safety.

Skyguide’s solution to meet these changes is therefore the Virtual Centre which is the centrepiece of our corporate strategy. This is a virtual amalgamation of air navigation services units that can operate from any of various locations. The corporate architecture and the flexible technological platform needed for this should be ready for operation by 2024 at the latest. The Virtual Centre will enable us to perform our work independently of geographical location, offering us operational flexibility, service continuity and cost-efficient digitalisation.