SAA, FOCA and skyguide are continuing the development of the measures planned to guarantee the financing of air navigation services at regional aerodromes up to 2020

Geneva, 26 August 2016. Representatives of Swiss regional aerodromes, the Swiss Aerodromes Association (SAA), the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) and skyguide – the Swiss provider of air navigation services – met yesterday to examine measures intended to guarantee the financing of air navigation services at regional aerodromes from 2017 to 2020.

They agreed to refine the planning work already completed, with the goal of continuing to optimise – during the next few months and years – the operations and technical infrastructures at regional aerodromes, as well as guaranteeing their financing and their predictability. As other work is also necessary, the interested parties have committed to adopting a concrete implementation plan by the end of the year.

The adoption of sensible legal provisions and adequate financing measures will contribute to reinforcing the strategic role of regional aerodromes, which represent an important pole for regional economic development that contributes up to 340 million francs to the Swiss economy. Moreover, our country’s future pilots are trained on their installations.

The above-mentioned organisations will provide more detailed information when the planned measures have been adopted and contracts signed between skyguide and the management of the aerodromes towards the end of the year.


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