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Better relations with partners and stakeholders

Better relations with partners and stakeholders


In addition to the Swiss Air Force and Switzerland’s regional airports, skyguide’s customers and partners also include general aviation, airlines, neighbouring states and international airports. Skyguide continues to develop and refine its customer-minded alignment and approach.


With a view to better anticipating and adequately responding to its customers’ needs, skyguide has established a professional key account management organisation. This has conducted a detailed analysis of the company’s customers and partners. It has also defined the company’s four customer segments: commercial aviation, non-commercial aviation, the Swiss Air Force and third-party customers. The company’s most important further stakeholders and partners are the authorities, the air navigation service providers in neighbouring countries and Switzerland’s international and regional airports.


In 2018 skyguide devised “Stakeholder Maps” for every customer segment that show in detail in what areas and with what partners direct or indirect action is needed. These Maps were then used as a basis for an initial series of workshops on the same issues. Improving its long-term relations with strategically important customers and partners is a prime skyguide concern. Open communications, an understanding of its partners’ needs, prompt problem rectification and efficient business processes are all prerequisites for successful key account management.


Information management
For many of its customers, skyguide’s Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) is a vital service facility. AIM works with other air navigation services providers and further partners such as the Swiss Air Force and Eurocontrol to procure the relevant data from all over the world and process these into the latest aviation information bulletins, which are known as NOTAMs. AIM also issues daily updates on airspace zones that are temporarily closed to air traffic (e.g. for military reasons). AIM further published the official flight manuals (the AIP and the VFR Manual), charts and further aeronautical information. And it works with the Swiss Air Force to publish the military manuals (MIL OM-C and MIL Flip).