Air navigation services: not just a job

I used to be an air traffic controller, and I loved my job. After that, I had the opportunity to take on a number of other, equally fascinating and responsible roles in the same domain.

Even after all these years, it still fills me with enthusiasm: working in air navigation services is the best job in the world!



We have a team of outstanding people who enjoy doing an outstanding job. My 1500 colleagues work at 14 different locations in Switzerland, assuring also the maintenance of some 240 installations throughout the country. We all completely identify with the important task we have to do. We approach our work with passion, and a strong sense of professional ethics. We work hand in hand with our colleagues from all the various divisions, in an atmosphere of mutual respect for the tremendous knowledge and expertise that we share and on which we can rely at all times. Because, after all, it’s people’s safety we’re responsible for.


Four basic attributes set skyguide and its work apart: human, respectful, multicultural, entrepreneurial.


Working in air navigation services is particularly exciting these days. The whole of the aviation environment is going through a period of radical change. Not only is it becoming increasingly international, but the focus now is very much on customers and their rapidly changing needs. Technological challenges such as those presented by drones and the rapid pace of digitalisation require completely new ways of thinking. How will the aircraft of tomorrow look? And how will the air navigation services of tomorrow look? New business models are emerging, and our work is constantly changing.


But at the heart of it all are people, because they are creative, flexible and adaptable. It is this human component that companies in the safety sector will always need.



Accordingly, we put great focus on the continuing professional development of our employees and thus their continuing ability to perform well. Continuing training is important, but a good working environment is, too. We are convinced that people can do good work, and enjoy doing it, if they can be themselves, if their skills and personality are valued, if they can find a balance between their working lives and their private lives, if their work makes sense and if they can help to structure it.


Our personnel policy is therefore aimed at ensuring that we will always be able to offer exceptional jobs to our exceptional employees.


Alex Bristol, CEO

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