Eighty professions, one calling

Over 80 different professions are represented at skyguide, including in domains such as:

  • Civil and military air traffic control
  • Air defence
  • Aeronautical information
  • Airspace and procedure design
  • Installation and maintenance of technical facilities
  • IT and information security
  • Projects and development
  • Training and continuing education
  • Finances, administration and personnel


Employees from all these domains work closely together for a common purpose.


Many of these professions are not company-specific, even though particular characteristics of the company flow into the day-to-day work they do. Air traffic controllers, air navigation services employees and air traffic safety electronics personnel, on the other hand, are only found at skyguide.


Air traffic controller

Skyguide employs over 550 civil and military air traffic controllers. A fascination with aviation, reliability, teamwork and the latest technologies are only a few of the aspects of this job. From take-off to landing, air traffic controllers guide all aircraft entering the area for which they are responsible. They work in the airport’s control tower, Approach Control (Approach and Departure), in the Area Control Centre (en route Control), or as a tactical fighter controller at the Air Defence and Direction Centre.



Become an Air Traffic Controller


Air navigation services employee

Air navigation services employees (ANSE) work in air traffic management (ATM) in the control centres in Zurich and Geneva. They analyse traffic flows and density, as well as the available capacities, and integrate information on military missions and parachute or hang-glider activity. They make data on upcoming traffic volumes available to the air traffic controllers in charge of a control sector. These ANSE ATM continuously coordinate the data with Eurocontrol’s central flow management unit in Brussels.


The air navigation services employees who work in aeronautical information management (AIM) specialise in the collection and dissemination of data that is required for the preparation and execution of flights. At the service centre in Dübendorf they handle important data on, for example, airspace restrictions, weather, notices to airmen (NOTAM), and overflight and landing authorisations. The ANSE AIM are also responsible for the transmission and distribution of flight plans to all air traffic control centres along the selected routes. In this way, they provide a competent, round-the-clock information and advice service for pilots and airlines.



Air traffic safety electronics personnel

At skyguide, over 300 so-called air traffic safety electronics personnel (ATSEP) work on the development and maintenance of the complex technical installations and facilities.


They include engineers, technicians and computer specialists in both hardware and software, who are responsible for the specification, procurement, installation, calibration, maintenance, inspection and certification of the electronic systems on the ground.


The complex systems, which constantly need updating, require the kind of extensive theoretical and practical knowledge that is acquired through good basic training and solid professional experience.



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