Safety: good is never good enough!

Most of the 500,000 airline passengers in the air at this moment are probably not aware that aviation, whilst being one of the most complex transport systems, is also one of the safest. It is a matter of some satisfaction to us that they give the matter so little thought, as it means that we are doing a good job.


Air navigation services play a vital part here. But precisely because, in aviation, risk is ever-present and the consequences of an incident potentially dramatic, skyguide’s employees are mindful of safety every minute of the day. Providing these services efficiently to our customers and partners requires adherence to the strictest safety standards, whilst maintaining a balance in relation to:


  • Required capacity and the effectiveness of military missions
  • Cost efficiency and clear added value
  • Ecological, social and economic sustainability



We are constantly striving to improve on this balance between air navigation and related services, and to move ever-closer to our ideal of “zero serious incidents”.


A high level of safety is not a given, but is rather to be worked upon, and preferably improved upon, on a daily basis. So we are continuously asking ourselves how we can do better, openly addressing possible risks and working on innovative solutions together with our partners.


Safety is a constant in our everyday working lives, and every one of our employees is aware of the huge responsibility they bear. They create and nurture an atmosphere of trust, both amongst themselves and in their relationships with customers and partners, and this enables us to learn from successes as much as from failures.


In their annual assessments, independent international bodies CANSO (the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation) and Eurocontrol regularly recognise the high maturity levels of our safety management and how the methods we have developed serve as models, as well as the demonstrably positive influence of our safety culture and our many international collaborations in the area of safety.


We are proud of being recognised as a role model, but never complacent. For us, it is not enough to be just “good”: we’ll always strive to keep improving.


Alex Bristol, CEO


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