Safety planning: shared responsibility, shared success

Skyguide’s overriding objective in matters of safety is as simple as it is ambitious: to continually raise the level.

To achieve this, we set priorities within our safety culture and safety philosophy. We monitor measurable safety indicators and make improvements accordingly. We are both professional and persistent in identifying and thematising safety risks, and rely on an overall system that is already safe and resilient by design.


The responsibility – and the credit – for implementing our safety strategy does not lie, for example, with management, or a specific group of experts, but with each and every employee, according to their function. The professional ethics of individuals are the best resource for the continuous improvement of safety.


Of course, management does have a particular responsibility – most importantly, perhaps, through its duty to set an example. Current safety issues are discussed at every board meeting. This also guarantees that, in every business decision, the necessary priority is given to safety – however far removed it may seem from that operation.


At management level, decisions with relevance for safety are taken by the Safety Governance Board, which consults experts on the subject and is accountable to the Board of Directors. One of the committees of the Board of Directors is responsible for working out a strategic framework for safety, and monitoring adherence to it, as well as working on more far-reaching safety issues itself.



The skyguide Safety Policy offers clear guidance for all on the development of organisational structures, processes and procedures. At the same time, the Safety department assures coordination and provides the necessary support, through its safety management system.


The readiness and effectiveness of skyguide’s safety management and its achievement of European safety targets are subject to annual checks by Eurocontrol, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA). For the last few years, skyguide has not only met, but exceeded, requirements. As far as safety culture and safety credentials are concerned, we want to be – and remain – the best, not just for our customers and partners, but also for ourselves. And we shall achieve this, partly thanks to our deployment of advanced techniques, methods and innovative solutions, but – most important of all – thanks to our highly motivated employees.


Klaus Affholderbach, Chief Safety Officer

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