Digitalisation and higher flexibility in ATM are crucial for the future of manned and unmanned aviation. Skyguide choose the path of innovation and is convinced that Virtual Centre is the right way forward.

Virtual Centre



The Virtual Centre is at the heart of skyguide’s transformation from a technological, operational and cultural perspective. This pioneering concept consists in a virtual combination of air traffic service units that can manage air traffic independently of any geographical location.


It will allow skyguide to significantly reduce costs and improve adaptability to traffic demand while always giving due priority to safety and security. But it will also support the aviation sector in rebalancing mobility towards more environmentally friendly modes.


Swiss U-Space



In early June 2020, skyguide has launched its U-Space Apps for drones. These two new apps (mobile and web based) allow drone operators to efficiently plan and operate a flight including the airspace subject to air traffic control. This important milestone is a step towards a better integration of drones in the Swiss airspace.