Navigation systems and procedures

The satellite-based navigation systems available permit a number of different flight procedures. They offer more options than conventional navigation systems, but also increase the complexity of the overall system from the technical and operational points of view.


The navigation systems that underlie the procedures differ as to accuracy and the amount of investment required. The decision on the navigation systems and procedures to be implemented will depend on a number of factors:


  • The needs of the individual airports, for example, as regards accessibility, which depending on location can be constrained due to specific topographic circumstances and/or particular weather patterns, or the reduction of noise emissions.
  • The needs of the airspace users, for example, in connection with the creation of shorter routes or the reduction of fuel consumption. Similarly, aircraft equipment and the destinations flown to also play a role.


For air traffic control, factors such as the segregation of approach and departure routes or improving efficiency are the primary concerns. Every procedure is individually tailored to the needs of the various partners. The existing safety standards will remain untouched or else they will actually be made tougher. Skyguide supports the customers in question (airports and operators) over their decisions about the further development of existing navigation systems and procedures and seeks the best possible solutions together with them.