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Diversity is inspiration

Diversity is inspiration


Skyguide relies upon its employees to bring their varying perspectives and experience to their work. This diversity enables skyguide to deliver better services, to better understand its customers’ needs and to drive innovation; it also opens up new business opportunities. Diversity is inspiration; fostering it is therefore a central part of skyguide’s corporate strategy and personnel policy.


Skyguide employs and nurtures highly qualified people adhering to a policy of equal opportunities. Its employees are expected to express their unique personalities in their work, and to be able to realise their potential. This also empowers the organisation in its active fostering of acceptance of different ethnic, cultural, social, geographical, economic and political backgrounds.


Without losing sight of other aspects of diversity, skyguide’s strategy puts particular emphasis on promoting the development of women’s careers and improving opportunities for the oldest and youngest sections of its workforce.


In the diversity index of the University of Lucerne, skyguide is regularly one of the top-scoring companies amongst those rated, particularly as regards gender equality.


A multicultural workplace

In skyguide’s workforce, 35 nationalities are represented. With their varying backgrounds, they are part of the reason why the prevailing ideas are constantly questioned. Skyguide is also active in international bodies and often plays a mediating role.


For a Swiss company national diversity is also very important: it is the origin of its multicultural identity. Skyguide employs people at 14 locations spread throughout Switzerland.


Around 1500 people work at 14 locations in Switzerland.


German, French and English are the official languages spoken, and all our employees can assume they will be understood when they express themselves in one of them. Informally, Italian is also widely spoken.


The native languages of the various members of the Executive Board (2 French, 5 German, 1 English) and the Board of Directors (3 French, 3 German, 1 Italian) provide a good example of the company’s multicultural nature.


Gender equality

In the still male-dominated environment of aviation, skyguide strives to create favourable conditions also for women in the workplace. And, judging by its rating on the University of Lucerne’s Diversity Index, it is succeeding, especially as far as maternity leave, returning to work, and the retention of young mothers is concerned.


Although, at around a quarter, the proportion of women across the various pay grades is not yet very high, it is nonetheless well distributed. The management level is an important exception here, particularly the senior management level (apart from the Executive Board).



Skyguide has therefore set itself the goal of increasing the proportion of women in senior management in line with that at other levels. Skyguide’s “Skywomen” initiative is designed to appeal to its female workforce and motivate women to take on responsible functions. The measures developed for this initiative include, for example, an internal network for the regular exchange of information and ideas among female managers, as well as a mentoring programme.



Entry-level employees and the 50+ age group

Skyguide welcomes not only those just starting out on their careers, but also those in older age groups: in the selection and recruitment of new employees, age is seldom a consideration. Employees in the 50+ age group have the same access to personal and professional development opportunities as their younger colleagues, and are supported in maintaining their employability.


Skyguide offers its young employees excellent training places and the chance to get their first taste of working life under good conditions.


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