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Energy efficiency gains through digitization

Digitalisation delivers more energy efficiency


Europe’s airspace is still structured along strongly national lines. Every country has its own airspace, which is managed and monitored by its own air navigation services provider. And each of these ANSPs develops and maintains its own systems and infrastructures.


The present arrangement has long been far from ideal. Digitalisation is rapidly extending to the air navigation services world, too. And today’s technologies offer new ways and means of making air traffic management both safer and more efficient.



In future, the continent’s air navigation services providers will focus more on managing their airspace, says skyguide’s Chief Information Officer Klaus Meier, while obtaining their data and further services from external providers. This will offer benefits not only in safety and capacity terms, but also in terms of their energy efficiency. For further infor­mation on the digitalisation of European airspace, techno­logical change at skyguide and the internationally pioneer­ing Virtual Centre project, see the video interview with skyguide’s CIO.