EURO 2008: major repercussions for skyguide and its services

EURO 2008 can kick off: air traffic to, from and over co-host country Switzerland will be safely and efficiently handled throughout the upcoming European Football Championships. Skyguide will be working closely with all its Swiss aviation partners to ensure the safety of the airspace it administers and provide the additional capacity required during the EURO 2008 tournament, which runs from June 7 to 29. “Managing our air traffic safely and efficiently is, as always, our paramount priority,” says Urs Ryf, Head of Operations at skyguide. “We won’t just be handling higher traffic volumes; we’ll also be consistently applying the additional restrictions imposed,” he continues. “And I hope the excitement of the matches themselves will be adequate compensation for any pilots who are affected by the restrictions we need to maintain for the air police services. It’s Switzerland’s image that’s in play here, too; and smooth and seamless air traffic management as well as the safe course of the matches are an integral part of that.”