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Health measures

Here you will find all current recommendations and health measures from the Federal Office of Public Health and our Task force.



Task force Updates


April 14,2021

Dear colleagues,

This is today’s update from the Pandemic Task Force meeting.

Today, the Federal Council surprisingly announced a larger loosening of the Corona measures as expected. As of Monday, 19 April, restaurants (outdoor areas), cinemas, theatres or gyms can reopen. Other hitherto restricted activities have been reevaluated as well.

However, strict protection concepts still apply. 

In restaurants, seating is compulsory, and the mask may only be removed for eating and drinking. A maximum of four people are allowed per table. All guests must provide their contact details. A distance of 1.5 meters between tables is mandatory, unless they are separated by a barrier. The opening hours are limited to 6 am to 11 pm

Limitations apply also for all other activities allowed by the Federal Council today.

The measure of working from home, if and whenever possible, remains unchanged by today’s decision.

You can find detailed information in the Confederation’s Media Release here:



Please continue to work from home whenever this is possible.

If you need to be on-site: except when you are all alone in a roomyou always have to wear a mask wherever you are on a Skyguide site.

At skyguide, in the past seven days, we have recorded two positives cases, and one colleague is in quarantine at this time.

Take care of yourselves and stay healthy and safe


April 7, 2021

Dear colleagues,

This is today’s update from the Pandemic Task Force meeting.

Today, the Federal Office of Public Health informed at a media conference about the current situation. They believe that it will take three more months to get vaccines to all adults who wish to get vaccinated. Also, the goal of the FOPH and the Federal Task Force for the introduction of the vaccine passport is July 2021.

The situation within skyguide is still stable with very low numbers of infections and colleagues in quarantine.

Otherwise, there are no other major changes to report since last week.


Please continue to work from home whenever this is possible.

If you need to be on-site: except when you are all alone in a room, you always have to wear a mask wherever you are on a Skyguide site.

At skyguide, in the past seven days, we have recorded one new positive case, and no one is in quarantine at this time.

Take care of yourselves and stay healthy and safe


March 31, 2021

Dear colleagues,
This is today’s update from the Pandemic Task Force meeting.

The situation within the company is very stable with low numbers of infections and colleagues in quarantine. Nevertheless, around us, the infection numbers are increasing at 1’900 – 2’400 cases (yesterday) per day and they may be rising again after the Easter break. The situation is hard to predict as different variants are spreading, the predominant one being the British variant.

Mass testing at Skyguide 
As announced last week, we have evaluated the possibility of mass testing at Skyguide. We have reached the conclusion that such mass tests which require a large infrastructure and manpower which we are not in a position to provide, will not be organized at the moment. Also, those tests are just a momentary snapshot and are of little added value in the current situation our company is in (i.e. vast majority of employees working from home and strict application of hygiene and social distancing rules for those working on site). If you have symptoms, please visit the closest test center near you. In Zürich and Geneva such test centers are located at the airport and they are prepared to deal with a large number of people.

Additionally, as of 7th of April, self-tests will be available to test yourselves at home if you need to. Of course, we will continue to keep a keen eye on the situation and be prepared to react, should the circumstances change.

Please continue to work from home whenever this is possible.
If you need to be on-site: except when you are all alone in a room, you always have to wear a mask wherever you are on a Skyguide site.

At skyguide, in the past seven days, we have recorded two new positive cases, and two colleagues are in quarantine at this time.

Take care of yourselves and stay healthy and safe
The pandemic TF wishes you a good Easter weekend


March 24, 2021

Dear colleagues,

This is today’s update from the Task Force meeting.

We are following the situation in Switzerland closely with our corporate physicians, as the number of infections is rising again and in anticipation of a possible third wave. In this context, we are exploring the possibility and feasibility of delivering COVID tests at our Geneva and Dübendorf locations. There are still a number of open questions on which we are working and we will inform you as soon as we have all the necessary answers.


Please continue to work from home whenever this is possible.

If you need to be on-site: except when you are all alone in a roomyou always have to wear a mask wherever you are on a Skyguide site.

At skyguide, in the past seven days, we have recorded no new positive cases, and two colleagues are in quarantine at this time.

Stay healthy and safe


March 17, 2021

Dear colleagues,

This is today’s update from the Task Force meeting.

Today, we have learned that the EU is speeding up the introduction of the digital green vaccination certificate (Green Passport). It should be ready by June 1st 2021 and will allow people to travel again in the Schengen Space, which would be good news for all the aviation industry.

The EU is basing its Green Passport for vaccinated persons on the Israeli solution. However, not only vaccinations are to be documented, but also the results of approved PCR and rapid tests, as well as immunization after surviving a Corona infection.

Each individual state will be able to decide what the certificate entitles the holder to: visiting bars and restaurants,  theaters, concerts, etc. or to travel. The certificate will be available digitally with a QR code or via app, but also on paper.

In Switzerland, however, the FOPH cannot yet say whether the country will participate in a possible EU solution. With regard to the possible introduction of a globally recognized vaccination certificate, both the ongoing work of the WHO, specifically the “Smart Vaccination Certificate” project, and that of the EU must be taken into account, Federal sources say. We will continue to follow the situation.


Please continue to work from home whenever this is possible.

If you need to be on-site: except when you are all alone in a roomyou always have to wear a mask wherever you are on a Skyguide site.

Meeting Rooms

Independently of the surface of the rooms, the number of persons should not exceed 5. This is also applicable for flexible rooms, which can be combined.

At skyguide, in the past seven days, we have recorded three new positive cases, and one colleague is in quarantine at this time.

Take care of yourselves and stay healthy and safe


March 10, 2021

Dear colleagues,

This is today’s update from the Task Force meeting.

We have noticed that this week there is a significantly higher number of people at our sites in Geneva and Dübendorf. This is also confirmed by the number of meals sold in the staff restaurants. We would like to remind you at this point, that the situation continues to be the same as seven days ago. Nothing has changed concerning the measures put in place by the Federal Council and we ask everyone to continue to adhere to said measures.

In this vein, we do urge you once again to continue to work from home whenever this is possible.

Clarification: mask wearing at skyguide

We have been asked to clarify when it is necessary to wear a mask and when it is okay to take it off.

Simply put, except when you are all alone in a room, you always have to wear a mask wherever you are on a Skyguide site.

At skyguide, in the past seven days, we have recorded three new positive cases, two persons are in isolation and three colleague are in quarantine at this time.

Take care of yourselves and stay healthy and safe (at home if you can)


March 3, 2021

Dear colleagues,

This is today’s update from the Task Force meeting.

The National Council decided earlier today with 97 to 90 votes to ask the Confederation to speed up the easing of Corona measures by 22 March. It remains to be seen if the Federal Council maintains the measures as planned or gives into the National Council’s and the economy’s demands.

For the time being, this has no impact on Skyguide, all the measures remain in place.

Therefore, please continue to respect all measures in place at Skyguide such as working from home whenever possible, mask wearing, maintaining the necessary distance, etc.

Covid speed testing at Skyguide

Today, we have discussed the possibility of testing at Skyguide with our company doctors. This refers to the new saliva/antigen tests, which are becoming available and are in use in some large companies. At this time, it is the opinion of the company doctors that the current cost versus benefit analysis does not support setting up the necessary logistical infrastructure. Also, public test centers are being opened in the immediate vicinity of our Geneva and Dübendorf sites, which can be visited voluntarily by anyone if required. For example, Zürich Airport announced today the opening of two additional test centers prepared to manage a large amount of persons. Nevertheless, we will continue to monitor the situation and apply any changes if and when it makes sense.

At skyguide, in the past seven days, we have recorded three new positive cases and one colleague is in quarantine at this time.

Take care of yourselves and stay healthy and safe


February 24, 2021

Dear colleagues,

This is today’s update from the Task Force meeting.

The Confederation confirmed today the measures announced last week.

Per 1st of March 2021, stores can reopen, museums and sport facilities will be able to open their outer spaces and up to 15 persons will again be allowed to meet outside. Bars and restaurants, including terraces, will remain closed until the end of March at least.

Working from Home remains mandatory at this point. 

It is expected that per 1st of April, restaurants may be allowed to serve their patrons outside, e.g. on terraces. Indoor dining will probably not be permitted yet.

Reminder: “Take a Break”

Do not forget to take a look at our “Take a Break” series published daily this workweek in the “Community” section of skyhub.

At skyguide, in the past seven days, we have recorded one positive case and no one is in quarantine at this time.

For any questions you may have, please refer to the updated FAQ in the Covid-19 portal.

Take care of yourselves and stay healthy and safe


February 17, 2021

Dear colleagues,

This is today’s  update from the Task Force meeting.

The Confederation announced today the way forward in reducing the active measures to fight COVID-19. The plan is to loosen the measures in place on a monthly basis. Per 1st of March 2021, stores, museums and sport facilities will be able to reopen and up to 15 persons will again be allowed to meet outside. This has no direct impact on skyguide.

This reduction of the measures is not official as of today but should be confirmed at the Confederation’s meeting of next Wednesday.

Per 1st of April, restaurants may be allowed to serve their customers outside, e.g. on terraces. Indoor dining will not be permitted yet. This also needs to be confirmed at a later stage.


Mask wearing is mandatory when moving through and working on any skyguide site, including control towers and CIRs as well as in the simulation environment, offices and meeting rooms even if you’re sitting alone at your working position.

“Take a break”

Starting next Monday, we will publish every day throughout the work week a video by some of our colleagues with which we invite you to take a break from COVID-19 and from your daily chores. We will take you on an acrobatic flight, do some cooking with you, kick and punch a sandbag and more. If you are doing something special as well that you would like to share with everyone, don’t hesitate to contact

the K department.

At skyguide, in the past seven days, we have recorded one positive case and one colleague is in quarantine at this time.

For any questions you may have, please refer to the updated FAQ in the COVID-19 portal.

Take care of yourselves and stay healthy and safe


February 10, 2021

Dear colleagues,

This is today’s very short update from the Task Force meeting.

The situation at skyguide is generally good and stable. We are taking note of the receding numbers of COVID-19 infections in Switzerland, this is indeed a good downward trend. However, the company doctors and the Task Force are keeping a keen eye on the developing situation with the mutant variants of the Coronavirus from UK, South Africa and Brazil as these seem to transmit more aggressively than the original virus. Especially the Brazilian mutant strain.

FFP2 masks have been distributed in the regional airports and are at your disposal at the reception in Dübendorf and at the guérite in Geneva.

At skyguide, in the past seven days, we have recorded one positive case and four colleagues are in quarantine at this time.

For any questions you may have, please refer to the updated FAQ.

Take care of yourselves and stay healthy and safe


February 3, 2021

Dear colleagues,

this is today’s update from the Task Force meeting.

There are no major news today but as we announced last week, there is now a series of webinars on skyhub on how to cope with the current Covid constraints and we encourage you to  consult the content of each webinar and enroll to the different modules.

You can find all information under Staff News on skyhub or by simply following this link:


At skyguide we recorded in the past seven days three new positive cases and at this time two colleagues are in quarantine.

Also, as we keep observing the development of the mutant strains of the virus, please keep working from home whenever possible.

Take care of yourselves and stay healthy and safe


January 30, 2021

Dear colleagues,

as you have probably heard, any entry into France and any exit from the territory to or from a country outside the European Union will be prohibited, except for compelling reasons, as of January 31, 2021. However, the French authorities have specified that this measure does not apply to cross-border workers.

Colleagues who must imperatively go to their place of work will be able to continue to cross the French-Swiss border as usual.

Stay safe and healthy


January 27, 2021

Dear colleagues,

This is today’s update from the Task Force meeting.

Today, the Federal Council updated some of its measures:

– QUARANTINE: The ten-day quarantine from the last contact with an infected person can now be shortened if the affected person has been tested after seven days and the result is negative. The approval of the responsible cantonal authority is required and the costs have to be paid by the person in quarantine requesting the test. Until the actual expiration of the quarantine (10 days), the person must wear a face mask at all times and maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters, unless he or she is staying in his or her own home.

 TESTING STRATEGY: Starting Thursday, 28 January, the federal government is expanding its testing strategy. Now, cantons can explicitly carry out mass tests as part of protection concepts. The federal government will now cover the costs of the tests, even for people without symptoms.

– VACCINATIONS: To ensure that vaccinations are also available in pharmacies, the federal government will also cover those costs.

– TRAVEL: In the future, persons entering Switzerland from countries with an increased risk of infection and all air travelers must present a negative PCR test when entering Switzerland. This test cannot be older than 72 hours. A ten-day quarantine period then applies, which can be shortened by testing on the seventh day, as mentioned above. For air travel, the negative test result is required before boarding the plane.

FFP2 masks at skyguide

To be able to ensure protection of the operations and anticipating a possible decision by the authorities ordering FFP2 mask wearing, we have ordered 10’000 masks. The masks will be distributed to the different sites and OPS units in the coming days. Masks will also be available at the entrance loge in GVA and at the reception in DUB. FFP2 masks can be worn throughout the whole workday and can be replaced the next day. It is up to you to decide which mask you use, FFP2 or hygienic mask.

Priority vaccination for system relevant employees

We have sent a formal letter to the DDPS (Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport) to inquire about the possibility of a priority vaccination for staff working in system relevant positions, in our case ATCO, ANSE and ATSEP. We are awaiting a response and will inform accordingly.

In any case, should you decide to get vaccinated and have the opportunity to do so (all skyguide employees), please try to plan – if possible – the vaccination for the day before your two rest days, after your working day or after the end of your shift. This is necessary because for safety reasons, you will not be able to work for 48 hours after getting the vaccine.

Everyone willing to be vaccinated should visit vaccination centers or pharmacies near their place of residence as we will not be providing the vaccine at skyguide sites due to the high logistical requisites.

You will find more information about the vaccine in these flyers (German and French):

PDF German

PDF French

Situation at skyguide

At skyguide, on a one-week basis, we have recorded four new positive Corona cases and three colleagues are in quarantine at this time.

Facilities for lunch break in Dübendorf

In addition to the kitchen adjacent to Hangar 11, another room for lunch breaks will be provided near the CIR.

Working from home

The Health Unit will publish four webinar modules on skyhub with information regarding work from home, including “remote management”, ergonomic tips and much more. Stay tuned…

Take care of yourselves and stay healthy and safe


January 20, 2021

Dear colleagues,

This is today’s short update from the Task Force meeting.

The Confederation informed today that for the time being schools remain open. This is of course of importance for our Academy. Therefore, training will continue as planned at this time. The “lockdown” measures decided last week are well implemented throughout the company.

You may find the measures under the following link in case you missed it:



Situation at skyguide

At skyguide, on a one-week basis, we have recorded two new positive Corona cases and three colleagues are in quarantine at this time.



The FAQ have been updated as announced and are available on the Covid19 portal on skyhub:



Take care of yourselves and stay healthy and safe


January 13, 2021


Dear colleagues,

This is today’s update from the Task Force meeting.

As expected, the Federal Council has today introduced stronger measures to bring down the number of infections of the Coronavirus. The most important steps per 18 January 2021 and of importance for skyguide are the following:

– Mandatory work from home wherever possible.

– Mandatory mask wearing in the offices and workplaces when more than one person is present (and working from home is not possible).

– Schools remain open.

– Gathering is limited to five persons.

For skyguide and its staff, this decision has the following implications:


Work from home

Everybody at skyguide who is not required to be working on-site nor essential to keep operations running will as of Monday, 18 January, generally be working from home and staying away from the workplace for the duration of the measure. As this is a measure ordered by the Federal Council, there is no right to a special financial compensation from the company and the employer does not have to pay any part of rent, electricity, internet access or other costs.

For those who are required to be on-site, the necessary documents to be presented to the authorities can be found here:

French: https://skydoc.skyguide.corp/cs.exe/open/53559264

German: https://skydoc.skyguide.corp/cs.exe/open/53547565


Mandatory mask wearing

On the advice of our company doctors and since every day that we are ahead of the virus is crucial, as of tomorrow, 14 January, mandatory mask wearing is applicable at skyguide. This measure is applicable not only in all offices when more than one person is present but also in OPS rooms and control towers.


Training at the Academy

Training will continue for the time being as planned. Nevertheless, education is under the responsibility of the Cantons and training may be subject to change in the next days if the Cantons  decide to change their policy. We will inform accordingly.


Protection for at risk persons

At risk persons who cannot work from home are entitled to special protection. If it is not possible to find alternative work or tasks to be performed from home, then they are entitled to a leave of absence and earnings substitution.

Find more information here.


YEA options

The Year End Appraisals are a very important and valuable tool to evaluate and strengthen performance and development in our company. As we have previously communicated, we strongly recommend not to travel across Switzerland to have a YEA conversation. We are equipped to have these conversations virtually at this time and thereby to keep everybody as safe as possible.

Nevertheless, as these are very important conversations it is the responsibility and the decision of the line manager as in some cases a face-to-face on-site meeting may be required. In such a situation, all necessary protective measures have to be taken, like mandatory mask wearing and maintaining of an appropriate distance.

If you need to have such a face-to-face conversation but feel uncomfortable coming in due to the Coronavirus, it is possible to postpone the YEA conversation to a later date as we do not want to put anyone in a compromising position.



All workshops have to be postponed at this time.


Psychological support

Please, if you feel overwhelmed by the current situation and need assistance, do not hesitate to visit the Occupational Health portal or to reach out to the Health Unit for assistance.




The FAQ are currently being updated and will be published as soon as possible.

Also, a video message from Alex analyzing the situation will follow.


Situation at skyguide

At skyguide, on a one-week basis, we have recorded two new positive Corona cases and eight colleagues are in quarantine at this time.


Take care of yourselves and stay healthy and safe


January 6, 2021


Dear colleagues,

Happy new year to everybody! We hope that you could enjoy a nice holiday break.

This is today’s update from the Task Force meeting.

Again, we followed the Confederation’s media conference to learn about possible new measures being introduced. As the situation continues to be worrisome and the number of cases is not decreasing, the Confederation has decided to maintain restaurants closed until the end of February. Additionally, a hard lockdown is being prepared and will probably be announced next Wednesday. We are preparing our organization to react swiftly to such an announcement in order to be able to introduce any necessary new measures without delay at skyguide.

At skyguide, on a one-week basis, we have recorded four new positive Corona cases and two colleagues are in quarantine at this time.


Vaccination campaign in Switzerland

Switzerland has contractually secured 15 million vaccine doses. 230’000 doses have been distributed to the cantons, already. The Confederation expects one million new doses to arrive in Switzerland every month. As we have previously announced, skyguide will not provide vaccines for its staff for the time being. We just do not have the means to fulfill the high logistical requirements to be able to store and administer vaccines. But of course, we do monitor the situation and are also in contact with FOCA and FAI to discuss the rules of vaccination for our employees.


Reminder: Work from home and YEA

We do urge everybody to work from home (where applicable) and to avoid coming to the office whenever possible and until further notice. The 50% office occupancy rule is void at this point.

Line management is responsible to make sure that only staff who is essential is working on site.



We strongly recommend not to travel across Switzerland just to have a YEA conversation. We are equipped to have these conversations virtually at this time and thereby to keep everybody as safe as possible.


Stay healthy and safe


December 30, 2020


Dear colleagues,

This is today’s update from the Task Force meeting – the last of 2020.

The Confederation held a media conference again today to announce the results of their analysis of the current situation after having introduced stricter measures. Despite the “worrying situation”, the Federal Council refrains from further tightening measures against the Coronavirus at this time. After an analysis of the epidemiological situation, it has come to the conclusion that the criteria set for tightening are not met.

Independently from the Confederation, the Task Force has analyzed the situation for skyguide and is taking the appropriate measures.

At skyguide, on a one-week basis, we have recorded four new positive Corona cases and nine colleagues are in quarantine at this time.


Work from home

The Task Force and the company doctors are expecting the infection numbers to significantly rise in the first days of the new year as testing has probably not taken place during the holiday period. As a health and precautionary measure, we do urge everybody to work from home (where applicable) and to avoid coming to the office whenever possible and until further notice. The 50% office occupancy rule is void at this point.

Our main goal is still to keep the company and especially operations safe. By working from home you are decisively contributing to keeping skyguide and your colleagues safe and thus able to fulfil its mandate.

Line management is responsible to make sure that only staff who is essential is working on site.



Consequently, we strongly recommend not to travel across Switzerland just to have a YEA conversation. We are equipped to have these conversations virtually at this time and thereby to keep everybody as safe as possible.

We would like to thank you all for your collaboration and for your help to carry the implemented measures, so that hopefully in 2021 we may keep the impact on a low level.


Stay safe and all the best for 2021


December 23, 2020


Dear colleagues,

This is today’s short update from the last Task Force meeting before the holidays. We will meet again next week and analyze the decisions taken by the Confederation at their next meeting.

At skyguide, on a one-week basis, we have recorded two new positive Corona cases and four colleagues are in quarantine at this time.


Corona vaccinations at skyguide

As we have received some questions regarding a possible Corona vaccination at skyguide, we would like to inform you that due to the very high logistical requirements – which we are simply not able to fulfil – no corona vaccination campaign will take place at skyguide. Corona vaccines will be administered or vaccinations organized by the cantonal health authorities in properly equipped vaccination centers and according to the national vaccination plan. Should the requirements change in the future, we will revisit the situation.


The Task Force wishes you all a happy holiday season. Please, stay safe and healthy.


December 18, 2020


Dear colleagues,

Today, the Confederation announced stricter measures to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Federal Council and the cantons now agree that tougher measures are required. The situation has worsened drastically in recent days and weeks, many hospitals, doctors and nurses are at the limit. There will be an interim assessment by the Confederation before the end of the year, if the numbers do not improve, there will be further restrictions.

The decisions taken can be found on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health: 


Important for skyguide is the following:

Restaurants will be shut down for a month from Tuesday on. Excluded from the measure are staff restaurants like “Le Slot” and “Hangar 11”, thus, this decision has no impact on skyguide.

Also, the simplified procedure for short-time working is extended until the end of March 2021 which we do appreciate.

Work from home

The recommendation to continue to work from home is in place and we urge you to not come to the office if not absolutely necessary to perform your duties. By doing so, you are not only protecting yourselves but all of your colleagues.

Year-end activities at skyguide

Physical aperos and all similar events are not allowed on skyguide’s premises at this time.

Border crossing from France

As the necessary forms have again been amended by the French authorities, we do ask our colleagues coming from France to work in Switzerland to please print out our company document and have it on you when crossing the border.

Parking situation Geneva

Geneva Airport has extended the current increased use of parking hours until the end of March 2021.

Stay healthy and have a happy weekend


December 16, 2020


Dear colleagues,

Today, there are no major news or new measures introduced by the Task Force.

On Friday, there will again be a media conference by the Confederation and we are expecting that at that point new measures to fight COVID will be introduced.

We have therefore scheduled another extraordinary Task Force meeting for Friday afternoon and will inform, after analyzing the impact of the Confederation’s decisions for skyguide.

In the past seven days, we at skyguide had two additional, positive COVID cases and seven colleagues are in quarantine.

Stay safe and healthy


December 11, 2020


Dear colleagues,

Please take note of the information by the Task Force after today’s extraordinary meeting:

Following today’s decision by the Confederation to limit the number of attendees of private events, the task force has decided that the PIPE of 16 December will be held remotely. The organizers have been informed accordingly.

Our foremost concern continues to keep everyone at skyguide safe and healthy and to limit the spread of the virus as much as it is in our power.

Please continue to work from home whenever this is possible. For the time being, we also do recommend to avoid physical meetings as much as possible. If you absolutely need to meet, please make sure to respect all the measures that have been put in place as they remain active.

All other measures communicated today by the Confederation do not affect skyguide.

Thank you all and stay healthy


December 9, 2020

Dear colleagues,

Please take note of today’s information by the Task Force:

The Federal Council announced yesterday the introduction of stricter measures to limit the spread of the virus during the next weeks. These include the closing of shops, restaurants, etc. in the evenings and on Sundays as well as limiting other commercial and personal activities. The Cantons have now the possibility to reply. It is expected that the measures will go into effect by Saturday,12 December and the formal announcement by the Confederation is foreseen on Friday at a media conference.

We will of course await that decision and analyze what the measures mean for skyguide at an extraordinary Task Force meeting on Friday afternoon and will keep you informed.

Opening hours of receptions during holidays


24.12 and 31.12 – Reception closed. Calls will be transfered to Dübendorf. Closed during lunch break, as usual, from 12:00 to 12:45 hours.


Except on the weekend and National Holiday, the reception is open. Closed during lunch break from 11:45 to 12:45 hours.

Food offering for evenings, weekends and National holidays

You may find the catering offering outside of the regular opening hours by clicking on the following links:

“Le Slot”: https://skydoc.skyguide.corp/cs.exe/open/53346825

“Hangar 11:  https://skydoc.skyguide.corp/cs.exe/open/53346126

Current COVID cases

In the past seven days we have not registered any additional Covid-19 cases at skyguide, nevertheless, seven colleagues are in quarantine and we hope that they remain healthy.

Rules for events at skyguide

Please take note of the following rules if you are planning an internal event:

Events with more than 15 participants are not permitted until further notice.

Exception: If the cancellation of the event has a significant negative impact for skyguide, then the following procedure is to be applied:

– The event must be approved by the COVID19 Task Force.

– An event will only be approved, if a protection concept corresponding to the specifications of the Federal Office of Public Health is submitted.

– The decision of the Task Force is binding.

Again, we strongly encourage and recommend working from home, when the position allows it.

Thank you all and stay healthy


December 3, 2020



Dear colleagues,

Please take note of today’s information by the Task Force:

As you may have learned from the media, the Federal Council is considering various measures to limit the spread of the virus during the upcoming holidays. One such measure may be to further limit the number of contacts between persons. Also, the Federal Council plans to make working from home mandatory, whenever this is possible, until the 20th of January 2021.

Remember, we at skyguide strongly encourage and recommend working from home, when the position allows it. The Task Force is waiting to learn the decision of the Federal Council. We will then re-evaluate the situation for skyguide and inform all of you about the next steps.

And, while we are on the subject of working from home. The health team has created a great skyhub portal with many great infos and tips about healthy postures at work which my help you get better through your workday at home.

Check it out: https://skyhub.skyguide.corp/portals/human-resourc…

Maybe you have also seen their brief news including a short video: https://skyhub.skyguide.corp/phpfox/index.php/blog…

At skyguide, we have currently recorded five Covid positive cases and six persons are in quarantine at this time.

Police control of Hangar 11

We have previously informed you that our staff restaurant Hangar 11 has been subject to a control by the local police and that we have received a complaint about the seating layout. Since then, SV and skyguide have been in contact with the cantonal authorities and the police to clarify the situation. As Hangar 11 is a private, and during the pandemic, non-public restaurant, the restrictions imposed on public restaurants do not apply and our seating arrangement is compliant. This has been confirmed by the authorities and the police has been informed.

We are still expecting an official written statement/confirmation from the Canton of Zürich.

Thank you all and stay healthy

November 26, 2020


Dear colleagues,

Please take note of the latest information by the Task Force:

Test, test, test

The Cantonal Doctors as well as our Company Doctors do urge everyone to get tested at the slightest symptoms of sickness (coughing, sneezing, light fever, etc.). The test are free of charge in Switzerland and a high number of tests will help the health authorities to better reflect the real infection and positivity rate. The goal is to reduce the contagions to 500 cases per day in Switzerland, which would enable better contact tracing. Our doctors recommend the PCR test, as it is accepted as the “Gold Standard” of tests. Antigenic tests, unfortunately, too often lead to a false negative result.

If in doubt, please visit the Unisanté website and perform the online self-evaluation as a first step. The online self-evaluation is available in various languages, including German, French and English.


In the past seven days, at skyguide we have registered five new positive Covid cases and seven colleagues have been placed into in quarantine.

Police control of staff restaurant Hangar 11 in Dübendorf

The staff restaurant has been controlled by the local police and we have received a complaint about the table and seating layout. SV and skyguide are now in conversations with the police to find a solution, which will satisfy the authorities, hopefully. Please continue to respect all the measures, which have been put in place in Dübendorf as well as in Geneva, as we don’t want to be forced to shut down either one of the restaurants.

Thank you all and stay healthy



November 18, 2020


Dear colleagues,

Please take note of today’s information by the Task Force:

Federal Council adjusts COVID-19 support measures to second wave

During its meeting today, the Federal Council decided to propose that the winter session of Parliament urgently debate ad hoc adjustments to the COVID-19 Act. This would enable a swifter reaction to ongoing developments during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The proposal includes an expansion of the hardship support program to CHF 1 billion in total and an increase of the Confederation’s share to around two thirds. In addition, short-time working compensation payments should be extended. In sport, professional and semi-professional clubs should be able to receive support in the form of non-repayable contributions.

To learn more about today’s Federal Council meeting and the decisions taken, click on the following link:


Situation at skyguide

It seems that the number of cases in Switzerland is stabilizing, albeit at a very high level. Meanwhile, at skyguide the situation is as follows: In the past seven days we had six positive tested colleagues who are now in isolation (down from 8 respectively 19 the weeks before), as well as 16 colleagues who are in quarantine.

Business travel

We would like to remind you to travel only for urgent and important interventions and/or physical meetings. Nevertheless, while we are physically apart, make sure to stay connected to your colleagues throughout the company.

Thank you all and stay healthy



Dear colleagues,

This is today’s information from the Task Force:

Requirement of medical certificate in case of positive test

In the unfortunate case of sickness due to Covid, a positive Covid test is sufficient and an additional medical certificate is not required by HR to certify your absence. Just provide the positive Covid test to HR.

Cases at skyguide in the past seven days:  8 positive cases, 11 in quarantine.

Mandatory tracing at Hangar 11 in DUB

Please note that when visiting the Hangar 11 restaurant in Dübendorf, registration for Contact Tracing is mandatory for everyone, including all internal, Air Force and RUAG staff. Noncompliance may lead to a shutdown of the restaurant by the authorities. As we would very much like to keep Hangar 11 open for everyone on site, we urge you to register with your smartphone.

Extension of food offer in GVA

Starting next Monday, Eldora will introduce “Eldorea@home” in Geneva to order food and thus expand the food options. More information to follow tomorrow on skyhub.

Parking situation GVA and DUB

The Task Force would like to inform about temporary parking possibilities for staff usually traveling on public transport who wish to come by car during this phase of the pandemic. This applies solely to staff, which needs to be on the premises and cannot work from home.

The following parking options are available and only valid during the pandemic period


You may park outside on the public parking area by buying a daily pass at 10 CHF per day. If your parking costs should exceed 70 CHF/month you may request a parking spot during the pandemic on the inside parking lot. The spot will be made available for a minimum of three months.


You may park at the Holiday Inn parking garage for 5 CHF per day (max 24 hours). When paying at the reception, please show your skyguide badge to get the special rate. Alternatively, parking is available at the Geneva airport parking facilities, for those who don’t have a parking and wish to have one during the Covid-19 period.

You may apply for a minimum of 60 hours, which can be increased to 120 or 240 hours if necessary. Parking fees start at 13 CHF per month but may vary depending on the parking spot allocated by the airport. Both offers are dependent on the Geneva airport and the Holiday Inn policies, their respective offer may be cancelled at any time.

Thank you all and stay healthy



November 04, 2020


Dear colleagues,

This is today’s information from the Task Force:

Yesterday, the 10’000 cases per day mark has been passed in Switzerland (10’073 cases). At skyguide, we registered in the last week 54 possible Covid cases of which 19 cases were positive, 25 cases have been closed as negative, 10 cases are still open at the moment while the test results are still pending.

In order to support the cantons in coping with the increasing number of hospitalizations and Covid-19 patients in intensive care, the Federal Council, at its meeting on 4 November 2020, decided in principle to renew the army’s assistance service. It will comprise a maximum of 2500 army personnel who will be able to support hospitals in providing care or transporting patients.



Opening of windows in buildings in Dübendorf

Windows will remain closed and we will not make window handles available in Dübendorf to bring fresh air in as there are security concerns and the air conditioning system with its filters is not able to work properly with open windows. These filters ensure that the air quality inside the building is at a very high quality level also.

Update of COVID-19portal

We have updated the information on the portal. Please follow this link to access all the relevant information such as the guidelines in case of positive Covid cases, quarantine and flu:


We have updated the documentation regarding “General Information” as well as the FAQs:


Contact tracing at Hangar 11 in Dübendorf

The SV Group is now using the GuestLOG application for contact tracing in our restaurant Hangar 11. This is a simple and straight forward solution, especially since the registration information is temporarily stored on the smartphone. This means that registration is usually only necessary once.

Registration is mandatory when visiting the restaurant.

For further information, please see the flyer by clicking on this link:


The Restaurant Manager and his team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you all and stay healthy




OCTOBER 29, 2020


Dear colleagues,

An extraordinary Task Force Meeting took place early this morning to discuss the new measures introduced yesterday by the Federal Council.

We have analyzed and discussed the new measures and are taking now the necessary steps to be compliant. For skyguide this means as of today:


Mask wearing

No changes at skyguide since the new rules were anticipated. Masks need to be worn at all times when coming to and moving through the buildings. At the workplace you can take the mask off if the distance of 1,5 meter between employees can be maintained. The Swiss Air Force goes a step further and requires masks to always be worn except when alone in an office.

ATCO Training

We will apply the Confederation’s criteria and exceptions for institutes of applied sciences to our ATCO trainings and structure those trainings accordingly. The limitations only apply to the higher vocational training leading to an HF title (Initial and Endorsement Training):

From 2nd November 2020, on-site delivery of training is prohibited. The following exceptions  apply:

1. training activities that are a necessary part of an educational program and for which a local presence is required (e.g. simulation training for ATCO trainees)

2. individual lessons (e.g. on-the-job training)

This means that, for example, ab-initio theory classes will take place remotely and on-the-jobs-trainings will continue.

The provisions of the Federal Council do not affect the other domains in training (e.g. ATCO Refresher Training, Development Training courses etc.) as these are in-company vocational training events. However, these courses will as well be delivered remotely, whenever feasible, to minimize the risk of exposure.

If no personal skyguide device is at hand, participants are kindly asked to access the online learning platform utilizing their own private device (BYOD – bring your own device).

The responsibility to decide on individual courses lies with the skyguide Academy. On-site training events with participants of different operational units require prior approval of the COVID-19 Task Force.



Internal events remain limited to 15 participants according to the rules that were defined last week. Exceptions may be granted by the Task Force but events will in any case be limited to 50 participants (per the Federal Council’s rules) and require a protection plan.

Please take note of the applicable rules for internal events, meetings and workshops here:



Access to skyguide facilities

Access to the skyguide premises remains unchanged at this time but please avoid travel between skyguide sites whenever possible. Home office is strongly recommended by the Federal Council. Therefore we expect you to only come to the office when it is absolutely required and unavoidable.

Staff restaurants

We are still checking if the new seating rules apply to staff restaurants as well (four persons per table) as this may require us to limit the access to the restaurants to internal guests only.

We will inform as soon as possible.

Best regards and stay healthy


OCTOBER 28, 2020

Dear colleagues,
Please take note of today’s information from the Pandemic Task Force:
As you certainly are aware, the infections in Switzerland are dramatically increasing daily as more than 8’600 new infections have been recorded by the health authorities yesterday. And today, the Federal Council announced new and harder measures to reduce the spread of the virus.

These measures are applicable as of tomorrow, Thursday, 29 October, and include:

– Now, a mask must also be worn in the outdoor areas of facilities and companies. Masks are also mandatory in busy pedestrian areas and wherever the required distance cannot be maintained in public spaces.

– Discos and dance halls will be closed, bars and restaurants will close at 11 pm. Only four persons are allowed to sit at one table in restaurants.

– All events with more than 50 persons as well as sports and cultural leisure activities with more than 15 persons are prohibited.

From Monday, November 2:

– Universities will have to do without face-to-face teaching.
The Federal Council has also adapted the rules on travel quarantine and decided to introduce rapid tests.
We will discuss this new measures tomorrow morning in an extraordinary Task Force meeting and inform you about what it all means for skyguide shortly thereafter (i.e. mask wearing policy, meeting policy and training at the academy). In addition, additional rostering measures in order to limit the virus spread are currently being analyzed.
At skyguide we had 25 possible new cases. Of those, 17 tested positive, 5 cases are negative, the rest is waiting for test results or instructions by the Cantonal Doctors.
Remember, if you have symptoms and feel unsure about what to do next, please visit:


After answering some questions, you will get a recommendation on how to proceed.

Precautionary measures in the Executive Board 
There is the probability that with the number of Covid cases rising, someone on the Executive Board will catch the disease at some point soon, too. To lower the risk of infection and spread of the virus within the EB, following measures are implemented as of today:

– The EB splits into two halves. Team Dübi is Götz, Peter, Myriam and Klaus M.  Team Geneva is KlauS, Hans, Urs, Nicole and Alex. The two teams will not meet again physically in 2020. Members of Team Geneva will not travel to Dübi any more, and vice versa.

– EB meetings will therefore also be held by video conference with guests joining virtually whenever this is possible. Ditto EB Reserves and EBCG etc.


In light of the very high number of infections, please continue working from home whenever you can.
Contact Tracing at Le Slot 
At our restaurant Le Slot in Geneva, the management team introduced a QR code to help support contact tracing in case of a possible infection by the guests. Every visitor will need to scan the QR code with the phone and register. Registration via badge at check-out is possible as well. Similar solutions for Hangar 11 in Dübendorf are being looked into.
Masks for employees and visitors 
We have ordered again 30’000 masks to ensure that everyone who needs to come to any of our sites is covered and protects him-/herself and the others.

Thank you and stay healthy

OCTOBER 22, 2020

Dear colleagues,

The number of COVID-19 infections continues to rise considerably in Switzerland, as the second wave is hitting Europe. At skyguide we are currently tracking five positively tested colleagues, who fortunately are doing well considering the circumstances. We also know of 14 staff members currently in quarantine, although none of them is related to the aforementioned positive tested cases.

We expect that the number of employees affected by the pandemic will rise in the coming weeks. It is therefore necessary for us to remind everybody to strictly apply the hygiene measures and to  work from home whenever possible.  Unless it is essential for the company that you are present on the skyguide premises, stay in your home office.  

Our company doctors confirm that contact tracing capabilities are reaching their limits. In view of the fact that most transmissions take place in a private environment, they encourage all of us to limit close interactions with friends and vulnerable family members as much as possible. If you experience flu or cold symptoms, you may use the risk evaluation questionnaire provided by the University of Lausanne: https://coronavirus.unisante.ch/en/evaluation.

New rules regarding meetings and workshops 
As announced on Monday, the COVID-19 taskforce has decided to implement stricter rules for meetings and workshops:

  1. With immediate effect, physical meetings, events, workshops, etc. must be limited to an absolute minimum. Whenever possible, meetings must be held virtually (independent of the group size).
  2. Meetings of an exclusively informal nature must not be organized until further notice (independent of the group size).
  3. For events with up to 15 persons, the recommendations of the FOPH concerning distance and, if this cannot be complied with, concerning the wearing of a face masks apply. The responsibility for the implementation of the appropriate protection measures lies with the organiser/line manager.
  4. Events with more than 15 participants are not permitted until further notice. Exceptions: If the cancellation of the event has a significant negative impact for skyguide. Then the following procedure has to be applied:
    a)         The event must be approved by the COVID19 Task Force.
    b)         An event will only be approved, if a protection concept – that corresponds to the specifications of the FOPH – is submitted.
    c)         The decision of the Task Force is binding.

On-the-job training in low traffic situations 
Due to the very low level of traffic (up to minus 75% vs. 2019) coaching trainees on-the-job has become increasingly difficult in many units. Therefore the heads of division (OV, OL, OM) in close collaboration with the unit training responsible and the academy will decide and prioritize on a case-by-case basis which OJTs will be continued without interruption. They will also evaluate and decide on conducting other trainings such as refresher courses. In addition the academy is further increasing the possibilities to conduct remote training in order to limit the number of employees needed physically on site.


Rules for face masks 
The policy regarding face masks is this:
Face masks must be worn at the workplace if the distance of 1.5 m to the neighbours/colleagues cannot be maintained.

If you are moving around the premises or in an open space office (such as the AIM or the CIR), there is a general obligation to wear masks. This applies as soon as you enter a building.


OCTOBER 19, 2020

Dear colleagues,
Yesterday 18 October, the Federal Council revised the COVID-19 ordinance and adapted the recommendations on home office, gatherings/ meetings and compulsory masks to the new worsening health situation.

Today our COVID TF convened an extraordinary meeting to examine whether we are in conformity with these new regulations or whether we need to make adjustments. Although our regulations remain valid, we would like to emphasize the following points:

Home Office: 
The previous recommendation was to work from home whenever possible, given the 50% limit on capacity in the shared offices. With the latest federal decisions, this needs to be clearly reinforced: Work from home whenever possible, unless you really need to come to skyguide premises.

Our mask recommendation is also in line with the new ordinance of the Federal Council: masks must be worn at the workplace if the distance of 1.5 m to the neighbours/colleagues cannot be maintained. If you are moving around the premises, there is a general obligation to wear masks. This applies as soon as you enter a building.
On Wednesday 21 October, there will be an ordinary meeting of the TF, about which we will inform you. One of the main topics will be how we deal with planned meetings and workshops in the coming weeks and months.

Please stay tuned and continue to follow the rules. They help you and your colleagues to stay healthy.


OCTOBER 15, 2020


Dear colleagues,


Please take note of today’s information from the Task Force:


The number of infections in Switzerland is rising dramatically as over 2’800 new infections have been recorded by the health authorities yesterday. In Zürich and Geneva new measures have been announced.


In Zürich, it is mandatory now to wear a mask in bars, restaurants, discos and at events with over 30 persons. Furthermore, for all events with more than 30 persons indoors, a general obligation to wear masks now also applies if the minimum distances cannot be observed.


In Geneva, gatherings of more than 15 persons in public spaces have been forbidden and it is now mandatory to wear a mask in any publicly accessible building.


If you have symptoms and feel unsure about what to do next, please visit:

(Click on the picture below to get to the check)


After answering some questions, you will get a recommendation on how to proceed.


At skyguide we do now have one new positive case, three colleagues are in quarantine and five persons have been tested and are awaiting the result.



As above indicated, the number of infections is high. Please continue working from home whenever you can, as the capacity of shared offices is still limited to 50%. We are not foreseeing any changes to this situation in the near future.



Missing traffic is jeopardizing on-the-job training in all units and as a first unit TWR/APP GVA has interrupted OJT until mid-December. Other units may follow.


We are also reducing capacity due to the lack of traffic and to ensure short time work.


Opening hours of restaurants 

Our restaurants in GVA and DUB will open as of 07:00 on weekdays and the starting date will be announced shortly. The opening hours in the evening and on the weekend remain unchanged. The task force will review the food offering and the opening hours for 2021 by the end of November.


Thank you and stay healthy


SEPTEMBER 30, 2020


Dear colleagues,


This is today’s information from the Task Force:


Extension of “Home Office”
As we continue to monitor the development of the spread of the Coronavirus, we are again over the threshold of 400 cases per day in Switzerland. We anticipate the fall and winter months to be challenging if the measures that have been put in place and have worked very well until now are not maintained. So far, we have managed to keep the internal cases on a very low level and have currently no additional confirmed Covid cases in the company. Some staff are currently in testing or in quarantine, though.

This is why today, we have decided to extend the “Home Office” rule until the end of the year. Please remember that the capacity in shared offices stays as it is at 50%.


Zukunftstag – Journée en tous genres
This year, due to the Coronavirus situation, there will not be a traditional “Zukunftstag/Journée en tous genres” on 12 November. No external visitors will be allowed on the premises on that day, including children of employees. However, we do want to provide a glimpse into our daily work to a young and interested audience and are setting up a virtual event which will also feature a live demonstration. A concept and program are currently being worked on and we will keep you posted.


Break room in Geneva
The capacity of the break room in GVA has been increased to 15. Additionally, the vending machine has been moved to the corridor because it was too noisy. The restaurant “Le Slot” will not be accessible for dinner after regular opening hours as there are areas that we cannot close and require to be inaccessible to the general public. We are constantly looking to improve the situation and find new solutions as we move forward.


In Dübendorf we are also continuously reviewing the situation and we will implement necessary measures as required and possible.


Thank you very much. Stay safe and healthy.



SEPTEMBER 16, 2020


Dear all,


This is today’s information from the Task Force:


Unfortunately but as expected, the number of new COVID cases is rising continuously and is at over 500 per day this week in Switzerland. We are monitoring the situation closely in cooperation with our company doctors and are adjusting our measures where and when necessary.


In view of this development, we strongly recommend at this time to cancel all non-essential physical meetings, including internal ones. We also advise to avoid in-person meetings outside of the company and participate remotely unless it is essential to achieve whatever the goal of the meeting is.


Break room in GVA
We are aware of the situation in GVA where the space in the break room is limited, especially when it comes to enjoying a meal in the evening. Currently, we are working on a solution to expand the available space and will be informing shortly.


Fall vacation season
As the fall vacation season is almost around the corner, we would like to remind you to be aware of your destination if you decide to travel at all. While certain countries are open to travelers, you still will have to go into quarantine if you have visited regions designated as “hot or red zones” within any such country. This applies not only to travelers from Switzerland coming back but also to everyone living in our neighboring countries and working at a company in Switzerland. Swiss law and regulations apply.


Stay healthy





Dear all,


The current number of COVID-19 infections continues to be high and with the end of the summer just around the corner, we do expect a further increase of the cases.
The number of new infections is hovering above 360 per day and have been increasing continuously during the past weeks. Cantons like Zurich and Valais have ordered mandatory mask wearing in stores and shops for customers and in some cases, like Lidl, for staff also. Novartis announced mandatory mask wearing at their sites. We do expect more companies to follow.


In the past days, the Task Force again discussed this issue with our company doctors and we have reached the conclusion that at this point mask wearing at all skyguide sites will be mandatory to prevent the spreading of the virus and to protect all our staff.


Everybody coming into and moving through the building as well as in public spaces is required to wear a mask. It has also to be worn when queuing at the restaurants, moving into the restaurant and in service areas.

The mask also has to be worn in shared offices if the distance of 1.5 metres cannot be maintained as well as in areas already designated as mandatory (SIM rooms). There are enough masks available in skyguide for everybody.
The masks can be retrieved at the “loge” in Geneva and at the reception in Dübendorf. We are distributing masks to all other sites as well.

Events such as “aperos” in the public areas like the reception hall or in meeting rooms are not allowed at this point.

This measure goes into effect on all skyguide sites tomorrow, Wednesday, 2nd of September, and will be in place until further notice. This measure will be reviewed weekly by the Task Force when analyzing the development of the virus situation in Switzerland.


Mandatory mask wearing when using company cars
Whenever multiple persons are using a company car, mask wearing is mandatory as well. We have placed stickers in the cars to remind everyone to do so as this measure has not been fully respected so far.

How to wear a mask correctly:



We continue to strongly recommend to work from home whenever this is possible. Don’t come to the office unless this is absolutely necessary to perform your duties. The “maximum 50% office occupancy” rule does not mean that you have to be in the office 50% of the time.


Thank you very much & stay safe and healthy




Please take a moment to learn about this useful online virus check and use it.



  • If you need to be present on-site, as a first thing when coming to work, please wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds
  • Maintain personal hygiene measures as recommended by the FOPH
  • If you can arrange it, avoid commuting with public transport in peak times
  • If possible and in accordance with your line manager, you may work from home


Find more information on the FOPH homepage (available in DE/FR/IT/EN):



If you are living in an area under lockdown, please follow the instructions of the local authorities and contact your line manager or HR if you are unable to commute to work.


Take your laptop with you when leaving the office, in case you would not be able to return to work the next day.





On March 24, we published here a first Q&A on the measures adopted by the EB in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. On April 7, new questions and answers were added in a second document.


In the meantime, new questions have been added continuously via the e-mail address covid19(at)skyguide.ch or other channels. We merged the various documents for greater clarity. From now on, this one document will apply.


You can still contact covid19(at)skyguide.ch your HR Business Partner or Superiors if you have additional questions.
Best regards and stay safe




Impact on operations

To get an overview of the impact on operations at skyguide (Traffic load evolution ARR/DEP, Lower, Upper) of COVID-19 and to allow you a view on the air traffic situation in Europe, please take a look at this graphs and follow the link below.











Regional Aerodromes


Date Unit Status


LP24 and Training Missions ongoing.



Measures to encounter COVID-19

After the EB has communicated its measures to encounter COVID-19, we have received several suggestions to open an idea-box for employees.


We are now collecting your ideas via the following email address: ideas@skyguide.ch


We are looking for cost saving ideas and potential business ideas to encounter the actual COVID-19 crisis. We kindly invite you to share your ideas – favorably we are looking for so called “low hanging fruits”.

Once your idea has been transmitted, we will assess these in due time.


Please note, that this initiative is not about “what I always wanted to improve”. There are already existing procedures to address process improvements and for “safety improvements” you will have to follow the well-established standard process.




Letter from the Chairman of skyguide's Board of Directors

Ostergruss und Dank des VRP / Joyeuses Pâques et remerciements du Président du CA



Geschätzte Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter


Flieger, die nicht mehr abheben, leere Flughäfen – das sind Bilder, die uns alle schmerzen. Noch vor wenigen Monaten hat niemand damit gerechnet, dass ein Virus den Luftverkehr praktisch lahmlegen würde. Seit Wochen ist nun Vieles nicht mehr, wie es war. Wir alle mussten unser privates und berufliches Leben einschneidend umstellen. Das war und ist für viele ein Kraftakt, der uns Ausserordentliches abverlangt.


Unsere Regelwerke sind auf einen fast totalen Einbruch des zivilen Luftverkehrs nicht ausgerichtet. Weder die internen wie etwa unsere Gesamtarbeitsverträge, die keine Klausel für solche Extremfälle enthalten. Noch die externen wie der europäische Risk-Sharing-Mechanismus, der uns eigentlich bei einem Rückgang des Verkehrs schützen sollte, und nun faktisch ausser Kraft gesetzt ist. Darauf konnten und können wir uns zur Bewältigung dieser Krise also nicht stützen.


Wir haben in dieser Krise aber einen entscheidenden Vorteil: Die Mitarbeitenden von skyguide und die Kultur unseres Unternehmens. Nicht zum ersten Mal habe ich den Eindruck, dass skyguide in der Krise zeigt, wozu dieses Unternehmen fähig ist. Fokussierung und Priorisierung, Resilienz und pragmatische Zusammenarbeit über Grenzen hinweg – das macht uns gerade in der Krise stark.


Die Krise liegt bei weitem nicht hinter uns. Wir haben die Weichen aber richtig gestellt, um sie zu bewältigen. Intern haben wir alles Erforderliche unternommen, um die Gesundheit von allen zu schützen und unseren Auftrag, wo noch gefordert, zu erfüllen. Zudem haben wir früh ein Massnahmenpaket zur Eindämmung der finanziellen Konsequenzen geschnürt, das angemessen, sozialverträglich und klar ist. Extern haben wir eng mit unseren Kunden und Partnern zusammengearbeitet und uns sowohl in Bern als auch in Brüssel für unsere Interessen eingesetzt. Dass der Bundesrat gestern die Prüfung eines Überbrückungskredits für die Luftfahrt ankündigte, darf hier als positives Zwischenergebnis gewertet werden.


Diesen eingeschlagenen Weg mit einer klar durchdachten Strategie nach innen und nach aussen müssen wir nun diszipliniert fortsetzen. Der Verwaltungsrat spricht der Geschäftsleitung seine vollste Unterstützung aus und er weiss, dass er weiterhin auf den Beitrag von allen zur erfolgreichen Umsetzung der eingeschlagenen Strategie zählen darf. Dafür, liebe Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter, möchte ich jedem und jeder Einzelnen von Herzen DANKE sagen und meine aufrichtige Anerkennung aussprechen.


Vor uns liegen die Ostertage und sie werden wohl für viele anders aussehen als sonst. Ich hoffe, dass sie dennoch für alle etwas Erholung, Ruhe und Freude bringen.


Alles Gute!


Walter T. Vogel, Verwaltungsratspräsident skyguide



*** Version française ***

Chères collaboratrices, chers collaborateurs,


Des avions qui ne décollent plus, des aéroports vides – ces images nous affectent toutes et tous. Il y a quelques mois encore, personne ne s’attendait à ce qu’un virus paralyse presque l’intégralité du trafic aérien. Depuis des semaines maintenant, beaucoup de choses ont changé. Nous avons toutes et tous dû apporter des changements radicaux à notre vie privée et professionnelle. Cela a été et c’est encore un tour de force qui exige de la plupart d’entre nous des efforts extraordinaires.


Nos réglementations ne sont pas conçues pour un effondrement presque total du trafic aérien civil. Ni la convention collective de travail interne, ni la nôtre ne prévoient de clause pour ces cas extrêmes. Il en va de même pour les mécanismes externes, comme le mécanisme européen de partage des risques qui était censé nous protéger en cas de baisse du trafic et qui est maintenant effectivement suspendu. Nous ne pouvions et ne pouvons donc pas compter sur ces réglementations pour faire face à cette crise.


Mais nous avons un avantage décisif dans le contexte actuel : les collaborateurs et collaboratrices de skyguide et la culture de notre entreprise. Une fois encore, je suis témoin de la force de skyguide en période de crise. L’établissement des priorités, la focalisation sur l’essentiel, la résilience et la collaboration pragmatique par-delà les frontières, voilà ce qui fait notre force, tout particulièrement dans cette crise.


Celle-ci est loin d’être derrière nous. Mais nous avons mis le cap dans la bonne direction pour la surmonter. A l’interne, nous avons fait tout ce qui était nécessaire pour protéger la santé de chacun et chacune tout en assurant l’accomplissement de notre mission, là où elle est encore nécessaire. En outre, nous avons très tôt élaboré un ensemble de mesures appropriées, socialement acceptables et claires pour atténuer les conséquences financières de la crise. À l’externe, nous avons travaillé en étroite collaboration avec nos clients et nos partenaires et avons défendu nos intérêts tant à Berne qu’à Bruxelles. L’annonce d’hier du Conseil fédéral d’examiner l’octroi d’un crédit-relais pour l’aviation peut être considérée comme un résultat intermédiaire positif.


Nous devons maintenant poursuivre sur cette voie de manière disciplinée et avec une stratégie interne et externe mûrement réfléchie. Le Conseil d’administration exprime son soutien le plus total au Comité de direction et sait qu’il peut compter sur la contribution de toutes les parties concernées pour la mise en œuvre réussie de la stratégie que nous avons engagée. Pour cela, chères collaboratrices, chers collaborateurs, je tiens à exprimer mes remerciements et ma reconnaissance les plus sincères  à chacun et chacune d’entre vous.


Les vacances de Pâques sont devant nous et seront probablement différentes des années précédentes pour beaucoup de gens. J’espère néanmoins qu’elles vous apporteront, à toutes et tous, un peu de repos, de paix et de joie.


Meilleures vœux !


Walter T. Vogel, président du Conseil d’administration de skyguide


Letter on short-time work from April 7


Dear colleague,


We are in the middle of an unprecedented crisis. This crisis is hitting skyguide with full force, as air traffic has almost completely collapsed. We are losing more than half a million Swiss francs every day. The forecast of our loss for the coming months and years is in the triple-digit million range.


For this reason, management felt compelled to take measures to mitigate this financial impact (see letter of March 24, 2020). An important and indispensable part of this package of measures is the introduction of short-time work. Short-time work is an instrument that is already being used in large parts of the Swiss economy to preserve jobs.


The introduction of short-time work at skyguide is explicitly supported by all the company’s social partners and also by the AOT staff representatives.


Introduction of short-time work as of April 14, 2020

Skyguide will introduce short-time work on April 14, 2020 – according to current planning until September 2020. As we must continue to provide certain services in accordance with our mandate despite the current crisis, not all areas of the company will make use of short-time work to the same extent and not all at the same time. In an initial phase, we anticipate an average of 20 percent short-time work. We will start with parts of AOTs and ATCOs and will continuously review the need for short-time work and make adjustments as soon as necessary. Short-time work is one of several measures in a package that, taken as a whole, will ensure that all categories of employees make a fair contribution to overcoming this crisis.


In the event of short-time work, skyguide first pays the salary for work actually performed (e.g. 70%). It also pays the salary for work not carried out to the extent of 80% (e.g. 80% of the 30% not worked). Unemployment insurance then pays skyguide these 80% up to a maximum of CHF 12’350. Even with higher salaries, skyguide pays the full 80% of the salary lost. Social security contributions are not affected by short-time work.


To illustrate this calculation, two examples are attached at the end of this letter.


All employees are still required to reduce their holiday and other time credits by the end of this year. As far as holidays and days off are taken, salaries will be paid in accordance with what is stipulated in the employment contract (not reduced based on the short-time work compensation).


We are convinced that the introduction of short-time work contributes decisively to the stability of our company. Together with our social partners, we strongly advocate short-time work.


If it is planned that you will already be working short-time during this first phase, you will be informed shortly by your line manager and will also receive information on the exact scope. Please contact your line manager if you have any questions.


Once you have been informed by your line manager, we consider your consent to the introduction of short-time work to be given, unless you explicitly inform Damiana Nardone (damiana.nardone@skyguide.ch) by April 16, 2020 of your refusal to agree to short-time work.


The contribution of each and every one of us is now needed to ensure a sustainable future for skyguide. We thank you very much for your support.


Best regards,

Alex Bristol, CEO, in the name of the Executive Board


Two calculation examples, each for one month of work:


Letter to all skyguide from March 24


Dear colleagues,


Skyguide faces an unprecedented situation as a result of the outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus, and the duration of this crisis cannot yet be predicted. To date, we have succeeded in providing our civil and military customers and partners with a full range of services even in this exceptional situation. We have handled traffic safely and efficiently and performed as professionally as our customers and partners expect us to. I am proud that we are a resilient company that works positively even in extraordinary situations. All employees deserve great respect for this, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone on behalf of the entire Executive Board.


The entire aviation industry is being hit hard by the outbreak of the coronavirus. We must expect that the Covid 19 pandemic will lead the global economy into recession and that it will take years for traffic volumes to return to the 2019 level. All aviation players are suffering massive financial losses, which are forcing companies to take far-reaching measures and, for some, will mean going out of business. Skyguide is also losing substantial revenues as a result of the collapse in air traffic volumes. Depending on the further development of the Covid 19 crisis, we expect a negative result in the double-digit million range for 2020. Losses of this magnitude force us to take action to ensure a sustainable future for our company.


A plan for our common future

The well-being and health of all our employees are our first priority in this crisis. Since the outbreak of the crisis, we have been continuously analysing the situation with our company doctors and following their recommendations and the instructions of the authorities. Any room for improvement that may still exist in some units is being specifically addressed with the support of the unions.


This crisis brings drastic changes for everyone – professionally and privately. Many of us are worried about their own health and about older or sick people dear to us. We are all busy organising our daily lives differently. Some of us have to continue to work on site, some are at home alone and have to restructure their working day. Others have to reorganise family and working life or the care of elderly family members. We are aware that everyone is doing their best in this extraordinary situation. If you have any questions, please talk to your superior. We must all be flexible and pragmatic now. Together we can find solutions.


We are doing everything we can to overcome the immediate crisis together and at the same time secure the future of skyguide, so that we can successfully implement our strategy in the medium and long term despite the Corona crisis. The Executive Board has therefore carefully evaluated various scenarios and actions and their respective consequences, and has ultimately developed an action plan that is as socially acceptable as possible and involves a fair contribution from all concerned.


The expectation of our owner

Skyguide is a critical infrastructure that is of central importance to the Swiss Confederation. Our mandate is therefore not questioned. The owner is prepared to support a sustainable strategy, and in doing so expects skyguide to take all measures it can to keep the deficit for 2020 as low as possible. Since some 70 per cent of our costs are personnel costs, a contribution from all employees will inevitably be required.


We rely on solidarity and social partnership

We are convinced that solidarity is the key to overcoming the corona crisis. If each and every one of us is prepared to give something, or to renounce something, we can prevent more painful measures. We are confident that we will overcome this crisis if we all stand together. In these extraordinary times, we hope and count on our solid social partnership.


An action plan with a sense of proportion

Against this background, the Executive Board has drawn up an action plan with three escalation stages. The aim is to do everything possible to preserve jobs. The measures of the first escalation stage, which are now being introduced, are listed below.


Measures due to unused capacity        

In view of the drop in civil traffic, we are now in a situation of overcapacity. Skyguide will be applying for short-time work as a result. If the application is approved, the unemployment insurance fund will pay 80% of the salary for the work not performed, with a maximum of CHF 12’350 per month. Not all parts of the company are equally affected by the Corona crisis. We can only apply for short-time work for those parts of the company that have demonstrable work absences due to the Corona crisis. The relevant line manager will communicate to which teams this applies.


Measures to cover anniversaries (jubilees), overtime, holidays and unpaid leave              

  • All jubilees in 2020 must be taken as holidays instead of money. This also applies to outstanding jubilees from earlier years. The jubilee credits must be completely used up by the end of 2020.
  • All overtime must be cleared by the end of 2020.
  • Without exception, holidays must be taken until the end of 2020. No holiday balances are therefore to be carried forward to the next year. The holiday balance is checked regularly. Holidays already planned must be taken as planned. In addition, all employees must take two days of vacation in April or May (in addition to the holidays already planned for this period).
  • Skyguide encourages its employees to take unpaid leave whenever possible. As an incentive, social contributions continue to be paid if 5 days or a multiple of 5 days (e.g. 10 days) of unpaid leave are taken. No unpaid leave should be taken in those parts of the company that apply for short-time work. In addition, anyone wishing to take unpaid leave must have taken all holidays and overtime by the end of the year. In any case, the taking of unpaid leave must be agreed with the line manager.


Salary measures

  • It goes without saying that management must lead by example in this crisis. As last year, managers and the Executive Board will not receive a salary increase and the variable salary will be reduced by a quarter.
  • Discussions are currently taking place with the unions on how ATCO and AOT can also waive salary increases. We will inform you as soon as these discussions are completed.
  • As far as possible, the variable salary parts for AOT employees (VSP2) are paid in holidays rather than in cash. Between 5 and 11 days of vacation should be taken. The exact number of days is to be agreed with the line manager.


General cost savings

  • The use of external experts will be terminated wherever possible.
  • In the coming days, we will also review all ongoing projects and – where appropriate – stop or re-budget them.


Any further measures (second and third escalation stages) will only be initiated if absolutely necessary, for example if the first measures are not implemented in a disciplined manner or if the crisis lasts much longer than expected. This would initially mean a temporary (until December 2020) salary reduction of 2.5 percent for all employees. In the third and final escalation step, there would be economically induced redundancies. Preventing this must be our common, top priority. We are convinced that everyone will help to implement the first package of measures and that together we can prevent further measures.


Together we have a successful future

The current crisis does not call our vision and strategy into question. On the contrary. With the Virtual Centre we will be much better able to react to such crises. Consequently, the realisation of the Virtual Centre remains our top strategic priority.


We are aware that this crisis is asking a lot from all of us. At the latest since the federal government closed the schools, parents have been particularly challenged. We can see how many of them do their best every day to do justice to work and family in this crisis situation. Skyguide wishes to support them in this. Parents will now receive five days of paid leave to care for their children up to the age of 16. Thereafter, the Swiss Confederation will provide additional relief for parents. We are currently clarifying exactly what this means. Until then, parents will be able to compensate for childcare hours individually with overtime and take time off or unpaid leave. Skyguide also offers access to childcare platforms in Switzerland and France. If someone has to work from home and look after children at the same time, we understand that this is particularly demanding. We want to find pragmatic solutions here. It is important that you talk to your line manager to agree on changes in working hours (for example, working early in the morning and late in the evening). With good will on both sides, a lot is possible.


In this spirit – together and with good will – we want to get through this crisis. Together we will master it.


I wish you all and your families all the best and, above all, good health.


Alex Bristol on behalf of the skyguide Executive Board