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Newsletter 5, May 2017



Swiss Federal Audit Office praises amalgamation of civil and military airspace surveillance

The Swiss Confederation’s independent Federal Audit Office (SFAO) has described as “bold” and “beneficial” the decision to amalgamate Switzerland’s civil and military air navigation services back in 2001. The decision was taken in response to the substantially increased demands among users for additional airspace capacity following the liberalization of Europe’s air transport sector. Having amalgamated Swiss civil and military air navigation services, skyguide today can make optimum use of its limited airspace and also ensure the highest possible punctuality of the flights with which it is entrusted. The amalgamation has also proved its worth in the Swiss Air Force’s daily operations, and is unreservedly accepted. The leadership of the amalgamation project was delegated to skyguide, which reported back regularly to the authorities on the progress made.

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Revision of the Swiss Federal Aviation Act: no reduction to compensatory payment for air navigation services provided for adjacent non-Swiss airspace areas

Revision 1+ of the Swiss Federal Aviation Act directly affects skyguide as Switzerland’s air navigation services provider. Skyguide supports the draft version of the revised act as approved by the Swiss National Council’s Transport and Telecommunications Committees. The changes to Article 101b: Payments by the Swiss Confederation to Providers of Air Navigation Services will still enable skyguide to optimally manage and monitor the adjacent airspace in countries neighbouring Switzerland that has been delegated to its control, to the benefit of the entire Swiss aviation sector and the Swiss economy.

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New Single European Sky systems and business models: skyguide earns EU award

EU Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc has presented skyguide’s CEO Daniel Weder with a 2017 Single European Sky Award for the company’s development of open air traffic management systems. The “service-oriented architecture” that skyguide is developing under its Virtual Centre programme will, the European Commission feels, help generate exemplary new business models and facilitate the further development of the entire European ATM system.

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Skyguide certificated to develop satellite-based approach procedures for the UK

Skyguide has been certificated to develop satellite-based approach procedures by the CAA, the British civil aviation authority. Skyguide can thus now draw on its extensive experience in this field to develop such forward-looking flight procedures for UK applications. Satellite-based approaches typically result in substantial reductions in both noise emissions and fuel consumption. Skyguide has already developed and introduced several dozen such approach procedures in Switzerland.

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