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Newsletter, June 2016





«Just Culture» means learning from mistakes. An open reporting culture has increased safety in the air

Skyguide has an open culture for reporting mistakes. The company learns lessons from every operational mistake made, which leads to improvements in the air traffic control system and makes flying safer. The requirements for this are mutual trust between employees and management and a legal system, which only punishes wrongdoing caused intentionally, or by gross negligence.

Skyguide’s new «Just Culture» policy >



The latest radio technology is the backbone of air traffic control: testing Smart Radio

Radio is the backbone of air traffic control. Contact between the aircraft and the control centre must be guaranteed at all times. All the links in the communication chain – the microphones, headsets, antennas, cables and other high-frequency systems – must function perfectly. Skyguide is currently testing Smart Radio, a new reception system which allows quality to be monitored constantly in real time. This leads to higher safety levels as a result of increased reliability and reduced maintenance.

Smart Radio across Switzerland >



Women on the board: skyguide receives an award from the «Cercle des Administratrices»

The Swiss association for women directors has presented skyguide with an award for the ratio of women on its board of directors and for the promotion of women in general. Air traffic control must not be a male domain in future.

Award from the “Cercle des Administratrices” >



Military air traffic controllers join in the celebrations: congratulations to the Meiringen airbase on its 75th anniversary

The alpine military airbase in Meiringen is celebrating its 75th anniversary. Alongside Emmen and Payerne, Meiringen is the most important Swiss airbase. Skyguide air traffic controllers, either on the Meiringen airbase or at the Air Defence and Direction Centre (ADDC) in Dübendorf, handle all the training flights made by the Swiss air force. Skyguide’s fully integrated civilian and military air traffic control service wishes the Meiringen airbase a very happy birthday.

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