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Newsletter 3, October 2016





SIL for Zurich Airport: medium-term improvements, but long-term development restricted

Skyguide welcomes the latest SIL object sheet issued by the FOCA on the air transport infrastructure plan for Zurich Airport, which envisages straight-out departures to the south on Runway 16 in certain weather conditions. This will reduce complexity and raise safety margins. But the now-limited application of this procedure will restrict the airport’s long-term development. Skyguide aims to ensure that the foreseeable pressure on the airport system and its capacities does not compromise system safety.
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“Wind Energy” competence centre for Energy Strategy 2050

Skyguide is seeking to simplify the planning processes that are currently required for wind energy projects. To this end, the company’s “Wind Energy” competence centre is improving the technical methods used to assess the corresponding facilities, and is ensuring better coordination with and among the various stakeholders involved. Skyguide also advises the initiators of such projects at an early project stage, and offers sound answers and guidance on the subsequent processes and procedures. In doing so, skyguide is also playing a major part in implementing the Swiss government’s “Energy Strategy 2050”.
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Skyguide signs FABEC agreement on international ATM data exchange

FABEC’s objective of creating and maintaining a single airspace block has come closer to fruition with the conclusion of an agreement among its members on the cross-border coordination of the publication of air traffic management data. This international collaboration will also enhance safety, because it will ensure the standardization of the data formats for all air traffic within the FABEC airspace area.
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LFG1+ revision of the Federal Aviation Act: a good draft

Skyguide is lobbying for the swift approval of the proposed revision to the Swiss Federal Aviation Act, known as LFG1+. The revision proposed will enhance safety, will refine skyguide’s strategic alignment and will cement the financing of its services for the longer term by basing this more closely on the parties using the services concerned.
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