FABEC ANSPs honoured for excellence in safety– skyguide in a leading role on cross-border development and promotion

Geneva, 30 November 2016 - CANSO, the umbrella organisation for air traffic control, gave the Global Safety Award 2016 to the FABEC partners ANA Luxemburg, Belgocontrol, DFS, DSNA, EUROCONTROL Maastricht and skyguide yesterday.

They were honoured for the level of cooperation they demonstrated in IntACT — an international, cross-border auditing team. IntACT beat numerous top-quality contributions from all over the world as an example of best practice. skyguide, the Swiss Air Navigation Service Provider, whose auditors have contributed significantly to the development and promotion of this cross-border cooperation, has played a leading role.


IntACT – the International Audit Cooperating Team – follows a proactive and international approach to conducting audits (safety, security, quality). The achievements of that cooperation range from the dissemination of important findings to sharing best practices among the participating parties. Processes and procedures can thus be optimised and harmonised. In addition to the benefits for safety security and quality, IntACT has also improved the efficiency of audits by providing a pool of IntACT auditors composed of all necessary Air Traffic Management (ATM) disciplines.


Since 2008, more than 130 safety, security and quality audits of all ATM services have been performed. IntACT has also audited the safety management systems of the IntACT partner organisations. The results and experiences of audits have led to improvements of various aspects of the safety management system of the air traffic service providers involved, such as procedures and training.