Flashes of excellence

Single European Sky Award 2017

In 2017, skyguide received the Single European Sky Award for our leading role in introducing Service-Oriented Architecture in air traffic management. This is a strong signal that the European Commission recognizes the pathfinding innovation, which is currently taking place in Switzerland.


Virtual centre

Skyguide has started the digitalisation and virtualisation process to implement its Virtual Centre – with the aim of “one-sky-by-one-system”. Building on the foundation for the Virtual Centre, we have started to move our systems towards a layered information centricarchitecture. We successfully launched the first services on the new service-oriented infrastructure.



Skyguide is leading the way on drone incorporation being the first to deploy U-Space (mid-2019), in a collaborative effort to enable situational awareness, data exchange, and digital communication for the European drone ecosystem. Swiss U-space capabilities were successfully demonstrated in June 2018 by skyguide and partners, as the first nationwide drone traffic management system in Europe.


Civil-military cooperation

As the first fully integrated civilmilitary air navigation service provider, skyguide has been able to exploit civil-military synergies, creating added value for both.


Agile software development

Skyguide is increasing the flexibility and responsiveness of its key software development projects through the application of state-of-the art agile software developmentmethods.


Skyguide’s cooperative culture

Skyguide’s ability to transform its business is enabled through a good relationship with the state and regulator. Following the wish of skyguide to consider externally provided data services, the regulator performed adaptations to Swiss aviation law to make this possible.


Coflight Cloud Services

Triggered by the goal to implement a service-oriented architecture and following a successful feasibility study undertaken by skyguide and partner ANSPs, Coflight Cloud Services was created. This innovative service will provide remote flight data processing for skyguide, and other customers, to ultimately reduce operating costs. It is the first service of its kind in the industry, and skyguide and our partners are committed to its continuous development and deployment.