New ways and means in training delivery

2020 is characterized by the ongoing pandemic. Of course this had a big influence on skyguide’s training delivery, too. Based on the decision by the Federal Government, the skyguide academy had to stop all physical training activities on-site.


In June, we planned to realize an ATSEP Qualification Training on Surveillance Domain at the premises of our partner Malta Air Traffic Services (MATS). As Malta faced the similar COVID restrictions, we had to find another solution therefore. Together with all involved parties (4 European ANSP’s/ companies) which intended to send their participants to this training course, we agreed on realizing the course as an online course by using the online platform MS Teams. Thanks to the commitment and “can do” attitude by skyguide academy, the main instructor from DFS and as well by the participants, this 3 weeks training could be held in a very professional way and fully compliant to all relevant regulatory requirements (e.g. EU 2017/373). The final exam took place online, too – simultaneously at the respective premises of the participants, invigilated by representatives of the companies.


The positive feedbacks encouraged us to further follow this new way and means of training delivery. Until the end of 2020 there will be three additional ATSEP Qualification Shared Trainings realized as online courses. Keeping up this flexibility on location independent learning assures the ongoing and sustainable training activities which are inevitable.