Employees commitment and daily efforts

Employees’ commitment and daily efforts


As a company with a strong emphasis on safety and reliability, skyguide relies on the commitment of its employees. As an incentive, they are offered flexible ways of working, such as home office to avoid unnecessary travel. Within its “Dynamic Working Environment”, skyguide is offering more mobile working arrangements includingcreating open office areas in Geneva and Dübendorf for better communication and installing modern videoconference systems.


Skyguide maintains its “FlexWorks” programme, which allows more mflexible working from home or elsewhere. Since both programmes reduce the volume of office space required on its premises, they also enhance skyguide’s ecological credentials.


We take a number of other measures to reduce our energy consumption. For example, we have gained better control of paper consumption by centralizing our printer facilities and standardising their settings. The company is working to further reduce its paper use, with a target of 5 kilos per employee and per year maximum.

However, the implementation of such ambitious programmes would not be possible without the commitment and daily efforts of skyguide’s staff. The company has created a working group called “Green Team” made up of employees from various departments who are striving to raise awareness among all levels of the organisation and launch environmental activities.


Public instead of private transport


Business travel and commutes to work consume a great deal of energy. Skyguide encourages its staff to use public
transport by issuing half-fare rail cards or subsidising local and regional season tickets. Travelling between Geneva and Dübendorf has also been reduced by developing videoconferencing facilities.