Statement by skyguide, the Swiss air navigation service provider, concerning the report on the television programme « 10vor10 »

Geneva, 1 September 2016. This evening the television programme 10vor10 on the SRF channel will report on the allegation that incorrect altitude information was given to the pilot before the tragic crash of the Swiss Air Force F/A-18 on 29 August 2016.

Skyguide, the Swiss air navigation service provider, can neither confirm nor deny this speculation because it has no data relating to the accident in its possession. Immediately after the accident, the military justice authority obtained all the recordings from skyguide, from the air force and from the other organisations involved for use in its investigation and put them under lock and key. The investigation into the F/A-18 accident launched by the military justice authority of the Swiss Armed Forces covers all the organisations involved, including skyguide. Only the military justice authority is in possession of information relating to the full sequence of events during the flight.


As is usual in such cases, information about the investigation and any findings can only be made available by the investigating authorities. Therefore, neither skyguide nor the other parties involved can comment on the possible sequence of events or causes of the crash.


Skyguide provides the Swiss Air Force with air navigation services at military airfields and with support for the defence of Swiss airspace. There have been many close links between the air force and skyguide on an operational and personal level for a number of years. As a result, this accident has hit us very hard. The thoughts of our employees are with the family and friends of the pilot at this difficult time.


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