RUAG Defence to move into skyguide’s Dübendorf Air Navigation Services Centre

RUAG Defence and its 150 personnel based in Dübendorf region are to gradually move into skyguide’s Air Navigation Services Centre in Wangen (near Dübendorf) from April 2020 onwards. The move will not only enable skyguide to make more efficient use of its Dübendorf premises: it will also help to enhance the collaborations between Switzerland’s air navigation services provider and its technology partner.

Greater personal mobility, today’s office infrastructures and collaborative working methods are all promoting flexible and efficient work styles and approaches. And skyguide launched its own Dynamic Working Environment (DWE) programme back in 2014 to encourage both dynamic teamwork and networked communications.


The DWE programme also extends to targeted office space management and contemporary workplace design. And the advances made here have freed up space in skyguide’s Air Navigation Services Centre in Wangen (near Dübendorf) that can now be rented out to the RUAG Defence technology company. RUAG will begin to move its 150 employees into the Centre from 1 April 2020 onwards.


“We look forward to welcoming RUAG Defence as our new Dübendorf tenant,” says Alex Bristol, skyguide’s Chief Executive Officer. “We also look forward to the closer collaborations with RUAG that this greater proximity should permit.”


RUAG Defence is currently based elsewhere at Dübendorf Airfield, but will need to make way for the new Innovation Park planned. By relocating to skyguide’s Air Navigation Services Centre, the company will be able to accommodate its entire workforce within a single building on the same Dübendorf site.


The move should benefit the existing collaborations between RUAG Defence and skyguide, too. “We will be able to draw in particular on RUAG’s specific expertise in communications, navigation and surveillance or CNS,” says Götz Ardey, skyguide’s Head of CNS Services, “especially for technical components such as transmission.”


Skyguide’s Air Navigation Services Centre in Wangen (near Dübendorf) was opened in 2009. As well as accommodating the company’s management and administration, the facility is home to its Zurich Airport Approach/Departure Control, its Area Control Centre for eastern Swiss airspace, its Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) Services Switzerland, the Skyguide Training Centre and the Swiss Air Force’s Air Defence & Direction Centre, which in total employ over 700 personnel. The Centre maintains round-the-clock operations.