Skyguide at the “Swiss Testing Day 2019”

The "Swiss Testing Day" - the software testing conference organized by testers for testers – will be held on March 20 in Zurich. It is one of the most important events in Europe for the testing community as it gathers around 800 participants and prominent global companies.

The agenda includes presentations around test case management, requirements, test automation, agile methodology, quality issues and more.


Skyguide will play an active part in this event, as two of its testing engineers will share their expertise on how to manage the quality of multiple safety-critical products in a highly regulated environment.


Within the framework of skyguide’s Virtual Centre Programme, which is leading a transformation driving the adoption of new technology and methods in the Air Traffic Management industry, the introduction of Agile methods and DevOps principles have put a greater focus on shortening and improving the value chain. The challenge to provide fast feedback, better quality whilst remaining compliant has led us to rethink how we test, integrate and deploy software.


At the Swiss Testing Day 2019, Duncan Fletcher and Geoffroy Carlotti will share skyguide’s journey that has seen the company move away from manual processes to automated testing, live documentation and shift right testing.


More information about skyguide’s Virtual Centre programme and innovation initiaves on https://www.skyguide.ch/en/company/innovation/blueprint/ and about the Swiss Testing Day on https://swisstestingday.ch/en/.