Skyguide is leading and embracing change

Skyguide is an innovative and creative Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) looking to build on the competitive advantage it has established through its innovation projects to deliver its vision for the future.


Skyguide is proud to provide safe and reliable air navigation and related services. We are an international, multi-cultural organisation with an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and we strive for continuous improvement to meet our customers’ needs. Our forward-thinking organisation is willing to be disruptive to enact change. As a matter of fact, we are re-thinking the management of our equipment, systems and data as well as the resources around them to deliver our vision for the future. We are doing this with outstanding people that embody a high-value source of knowledge and of creation of future value for the company.

Skyguide is looking in other industries, for best practices, best solutions and success stories transposable to the ANS industry. We are already taking confident steps in implementation.