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Steps of our Virtual Centre

The Virtual Centre is thus a (national) defragmentation programme of European dimension. It is skyguide’s strategy in the European context to ensure the most effective control over the future of our company and our jobs. The Virtual Centre is therefore skyguide’s main strategic initiative in terms of civil ANS.

Our Virtual Centre is a project divided into 4 steps call “Tranche”:


Tranche 1 – Setting the scene

  • Replacing classic flight strips to go strip-less
  • Pushing ground-air datalinks
  • Align and harmonize processes and procedures between ACC East and ACC West
  • Increasing level of safety


Tranche 2 – Creating foundations

  • Harmonized processes between ACC East and West in upper airspace
  • New Route Handling Swiss-wide as a precursor of FRA
  • One single data centre based on an open architecture
  • Location-independent system services


Tranche 3 & 4 – Service orientation full-fledged CH and Inclusion of external services

  • Ready for flight-centric management, i.e. simplified service experience
  • Increased tactical agility to respond to changes in demand
  • Increased strategic agility to respond to changes in demand