The 2012 business year: Excellent operating and satisfactory financial performance despite a weak economy and declines in air traffic volumes

Geneva, 3 April 2013. Once again, skyguide delivered in 2012 a strong operating performance for the year as a whole. Punctuality levels in the most complex airspace in Europe have been kept at a very high level. The favourable results here are the direct product of various actions which the company had previously taken to eliminate personnel shortages and increase airspace capacity. These measures are paying off now. Skyguide generated an operating surplus of CHF 29.95 million in 2012 (compared to an operating surplus of CHF 27.97 million for the previous year). While it was below budgeted projections, the performance is a satisfactory one, given the continued weakness of the overall economy in 2012 and the year’s 1.8% decline in air traffic volumes. The result was bolstered by skyguide’s rigorous cost management; but the strength of the Swiss franc continues to put the company at a competitive disadvantage within Europe’s air navigation services sector.