The 4th skyguide business day brings Swiss aviation stakeholders together in Bern to focus on “Dealing with Expectations”

Geneva, 21 November 2016 The fourth skyguide business day was held today at the Stade de Suisse in Bern, bringing together the customers and partners of Switzerland’s air navigation services provider, the Swiss Air Force, members of the authorities and further representatives from the Swiss aviation community along with international specialists and skyguide's managers to discuss the latest sector developments and trends.

The focus at this year’s event, which attracted over 200 attendees, was on dealing with the expectations of the public and airspace users.


The drone issue was the subject of particular discussion at this year’s skyguide business day. Skyguide presented its own future strategy here for dealing with these unmanned aerial vehicles, whose potential remains largely unrealized. Drones are clearly here to stay. They must therefore be duly accommodated within the airspace and the existing air traffic. Skyguide is playing a pioneering role in Europe in such integration endeavours.


Further topics at this year’s skyguide business day included free routes in air traffic, the establishment of no-fly zones for major events such as the London Olympics and the development opportunities of so-called “monopolistic companies” using the example of PostAuto Schweiz AG.


The concluding panel discussion offered several key representatives of Swiss aviation the opportunity to extensively discuss all these issues and a further range of requirements within the aviation sector.


Next year’s skyguide business day will be held on 20 November 2017.