The International Women’s Day at skyguide

At skyguide, we are convinced that differing talents and profiles contribute to innovation. With this in mind, we make continuous efforts to promote gender diversity and sustain the development of our human capital. On the International Women's Day, we take the opportunity to renew our commitment.

Skyguide supports highly qualified people, while respecting equal opportunities. We currently place particular emphasis on promoting women’s careers.


The proportion of women, at all levels of the hierarchy, is almost a quarter. The focus is currently mainly for management positions. Through our “skywomen initiative”, as part of the diversity program, we aim to target women specialists more effectively and to motivate women to take up positions of responsibility.



Commitment of the CEO

The skywomen club, skyguide’s female managers’ network, celebrated the International Women’s Day 2019 with a special event, inviting our CEO Alex Bristol. He is committed to diversity, saying: “I believe that gender equality is a good deal. I am therefore committed to doing everything in my power to increase the proportion of women in senior management, which will make our company more diversified and therefore, I believe, much more successful in the future. I am convinced that the additional depth and momentum that this diversity brings will translate into other direct benefits for the company.”


Managing Diversity 

Thanks to our Diversity Management program, established in 2013, we have reinforced our commitment to creating and fostering a supportive environment in which all individuals can achieve their maximum potential. We strive to employ outstanding people and allow them to do an outstanding job, regardless of differences.


With the “skywomen initiative”, as part of the diversity program, we broadened the scope, thus paving the way for various measures aimed at boosting women’s careers and eliminating some of the obstacles that they may face in their working lives. Be it at management level, in the hiring process, through training and development programs or mentoring and networking initiatives, the actions we take have an impact at all levels in the company.


Through the “skywomen initiative” for instance, women working at skyguide are encouraged to expand their network and to join a mentoring program to support them in furthering their personal and professional development. Furthermore, we provide internal training courses with the aim of developing leadership and management skills, improving performance as well as building a network efficiently.



By joining Advance, a network for Gender Equality in Swiss Business, in 2017, skyguide also combined its efforts with a larger scale association and network willing to increase the share of women in leading positions in Switzerland. Being an active member of this association, we participate actively in the Advance IWD 2019 campaign carved around the theme “Women & Men Together – Unleash the Full Potential!”


Inspired Women Lead!

Recently, skyguide has invested in a personal development programme for women leaders. “Inspired Women Lead!” is aimed at unleashing the potential of women in their authentic leadership. This global programme is also now a means of encouraging women within our company.


More information about diversity at skyguide on https://www.skyguide.ch/en/work-at-skyguide/why-skyguide/