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A stronger customer focus

A stronger customer focus


Skyguide’s customers and partners include the Swiss Air Force, airlines, international and regional airports and neighbouring countries and their air navigation service providers. As part of the value chain, skyguide works closely with the key protagonists in the aviation world. This collaboration is vital to the constant further enhancement of air traffic management and the overall air transport system.


The digitalisation of the aviation world is bringing new customer needs. Skyguide has embarked on a comprehensive transformation process to align itself to this changed and changing landscape. One key element in this cultural change is a stronger focus on the customer, to better appreciate their needs and address these in a more targeted way. Skyguide’s customers and partners can be divided into four main segments: commercial aviation, non-commercial aviation, the Swiss Air Force and third-party customers.


Measuring customer satisfaction

Regular surveys offer insights into customer satisfaction. Skyguide attaches great importance to these, and uses their results, findings and conclusions to constantly further improve the services it provides.


The latest online survey of skyguide’s general aviation and Swiss Air Force customers was conducted in 2018. In it, some 70% of the pilots polled in the light, sports and military aircraft fields declared themselves either satisfied or very satisfied with skyguide’s services.


Commercial airlines are regularly subjected to such surveys as part of the collaboration within the FABEC functional airspace block, and were so polled again in 2019. The results here show that the majority of airlines are generally satisfied or very satisfied with the services skyguide provides. But with only 16 airlines having participated, these findings can only be considered to reflect a general trend at best.


In the third-party segment, skyguide measures customer satisfaction on a by-product or by-service basis. The results here show high levels of satisfaction with the company’s customer orientation and with its innovative credentials.


A partner of general aviation

General aviation generally consists of leisure flying activities. It does have a further key role to play, however, in educational terms: most training flights in the commercial aviation sector are performed in smaller light aircraft.


Skyguide offers the pilots in the general aviation field a wide range of free services, and makes every effort to meet their needs as comprehensively as possible. On the safety front, too, skyguide puts great value on ensuring that the general aviation pilots it deals with are thoroughly informed on and sensitised to all relevant safety issues.