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Virtual Centre Switzerland: One Sky by One System

The last few years have seen skyguide advance with Switzerland’s national Single Sky initiative. As we successfully complete Tranche 1 of our Virtual Centre Programme and move to Tranche 2, other European ANSPs are curious about our progress.
A virtual centre is the technical foundation for seamless, location-independent air traffic management. As skyguide CIO Klaus Meier explains, Switzerland’s smaller size proves advantageous when faced with such a complex and far-reaching programme. As he states: “Thanks to our natural openness to change, entrepreneurial spirit, and an ability to be swift and responsive, Switzerland is intrinsically agile.” This agility and nimbleness is why Switzerland is turning Single Sky objectives into operational reality. Here, Klaus discusses how and why Switzerland welcomed the chance to step forward and create a scalable, sustainable Single Sky model that others could potentially adopt and adapt.