Air navigation services employee

Support air traffic management


Air navigation services employees for Air Traffic Management (ATM) work in the area control centers and tower/approach of Zurich and Geneva airports. They prepare air traffic information from Switzerland and abroad. They make sure that the right information gets at the right moment at the right place.


Air navigation services employees in ATM analyse traffic flows and density for air traffic control operations. They manage the traffic volume that is controlled by the air traffic controllers in the individual control sectors. They permanently co-ordinate with the central flow management unit of Eurocontrol in Brussels.


To ensure that the airspace situation shown on the radar screens of the air traffic controllers is complete and up-to-date, they integrate information on military activities, parachute jumpers or gliders into the appropriate systems. They also process and integrate flight plans transmitted by Eurocontrol in Brussels.



Provide customers with aeronautical information



Air navigation services employees in the Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) specialise in collecting and disseminating data needed for flight preparation and execution. They make an important contribution to safe, orderly and efficient air traffic.


They handle key data, such as airspace restrictions, the weather, Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) and overflight and landing authorisations. These AIM services are located in Dübendorf. They provide information and advice to aircrews and airline operations through a modern information platform which operates around-the-clock.


Air navigation services employees AIM are also responsible for the transmission and distribution of flight plans to all air traffic control centers along the routes chosen by the pilots, especially outside of European airspace.


Last but not least, this group of air navigation service employees is also responsible for the production of national air traffic information, for example charts and the handbook of aeronautical information publications