Air traffic safety electronics personnel

Be the backbone of air navigation services

Engineering and technical services

Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP) are technical specialists who provide electronics and software support, and play a vital role in the aviation safety chain. They include engineers, technicians, and computer hardware and software specialists who are responsible for the specification, procurement, installation, calibration, maintenance, testing and certification of ground electronic systems used to help control aircraft movements.

These complex systems, continuously updated, require broad theoretical and practical knowledge gained through long experience in the field.



Broad responsibilities

At the beginning of their career, our specialists are in charge of preventive and corrective maintenance, and modify the existing air navigation infrastructure. They are also responsible for specifications, installation, acceptance tests and the certification of the infrastructure on the ground, where project management plays an important role. System maintenance covers a wide spectrum, from system management in the control center to flight calibration of navigational and radar equipment onboard a calibration flight.


Lifelong continuous evolution

All ATSEPs must undergo continuous training. We organise courses adapted according to the field of deployment.

ATSEPs are in demand, and these experts can be found in important industry project groups where they represent the interests of skyguide and of Switzerland. They often exchange their knowledge and experience at national and international levels, including their professional association SATTA (Swiss Air Traffic Control Technical Association) and on international and supranational committees such as ICAO or Eurocontrol.