Simulator pilot

Pilots in ATCO training

The training standards of the skyguide training center are internationally recognised. Simulator basic and advanced trainings for air traffic controllers (ATCO) are recreated on work stations according to live systems. During the radar and tower simulations the simulator pilot controls and guides various aircrafts according the ATCO’s instructions. He/she uses standard ICAO-Voice and communicates in the role of adjacent air traffic control centres, thereby enabling the simulation and training of the various workflows at an ATCO’s work station accurately resembling real operations.




Specific tasks

What does a simulator pilot do exactly? He/she

  • participates in simulation exercises;
  • communicates with the ATCO and ensures radio traffic during the exercise;
  • uses the simulator and adapts the flight’s characteristics of traffic to the predefined exercise;
  • communicates and coordinates according the predetermined script;
  • may be employed as instructor for basic and advanced training of simulator pilots;


Conditions and qualifications

We offer simulator pilots an unlimited employment contract on an hourly basis. After the basic training followed by training days for the various airspaces the simulator pilots will announce their availability to the planning office to receive their shift.


Minimum requirements:

  • Pilot licence ATPL or ATCO basic training completed
  • ATPL holders: Jet or Turboprop experience required
  • Maximum age for the start of the training: 40 years
  • Radio telephony: English ICAO Level 4
  • Availability: at least 8 working days per month in order to obtain shifts according to the monthly roster
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Swiss citizen or valid work permit