World Economic Forum 2020: A major challenge and a special experience for the air traffic controllers

With more than one thousand additional flights over Switzerland, special events such as the World Economic Forum in Davos always represent a major challenge for skyguide and its air traffic controllers. While it is also a very special experience for them because of the exceptional working environment and the many personalities that participate in the WEF, the most important goal for skyguide is to successfully ensure the safety of all flights at all times.


This year, once again, skyguide has been responsible for providing safe and efficient air traffic control services at the World Economic Forum’s 50th Annual Meeting in Davos in partnership with the Swiss Air Force.


Each year, there is a temporary control tower built in Davos. As the tower is inside the security zone, it is not accessible to external visitors. It is manned by a small team of air traffic controllers who provide air traffic control on the temporary Heliport Davos Lago during the WEF.


The personalities taking part in the WEF were again able to land directly at Dübendorf Air Base (ZH), where a temporary customs station is also set up and from where they were able to reach Davos by private helicopter or by road. It is always a special experience for the air traffic controllers to work during WEF, because of the prominent guests who gather at the event, and the particular atmosphere and working environment of such an important summit.


This year the effective collaboration and coordination between skyguide, Swiss Air Force, ADDC (Air Defense and Direction Centre) and the local authorities once again ensured that the guests experienced a safe arrival and departure.