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Skyguide keeps on reducing its electricity consumption

In a continued effort to improve its energy efficiency, Switzerland's Air Navigation Service Provider keeps on taking measures to reduce its electricity consumption. The modernisation of lighting systems in several facilities such as control tower simulators proved to be fruitful as it led to a significant reduction at the air navigation centre of Dübendorf.


In 2012, skyguide inaugurated its latest 3D control tower simulator in Dübendorf. This facility supplements the infrastructure of the skyguide training centre, which currently has three tower simulators in Dübendorf and one in Geneva. Its projection system, which was replaced in 2016, is now equipped with LED technology, a measure that has reduced the annual energy consumption from 11,900 to 7,140 kWh/y, that is a saving of 4.8 MWh/y. Together with the savings attained by replacing the projection systems of the other two tower simulators of Dübendorf, in 2013 and 2014 respectively, the total energy saving amounts to 12 MWh/y, which is comparable to the average annual electricity consumption of three households in Switzerland.


Former lighting systems of many other facilities at the site of Dübendorf (such as hallways, reception, kitchen, data centre, simulation, cooling and eating distribution facilities, warehouse and underground parking) were also changed over to LED technology. The combined power consumption in these facilities dropped significantly from 395’000 kWh/y to 118’000 kWh/y, which led to an overall reduction of 4.4 % in 2016 compared to 2015.