Using UAV multicopters as a complement of ILS / VOR ground and flight measurements: our experience after more than three years of successful operations. More than a complement, it is now an enabler of the flight check reduction.

In January 2018, after two years of development and thorough testing, skyguide’s CNS Drone was mature and ready for deployment to regular operations on Swiss international airports: for preventive and corrective maintenance of ILS and VOR, as well as initial preparation of commissioning flight checks for new ILS.

In April 2018, Skyguide presented a paper at the International Flight Inspection Symposium (IFIS) describing the development project, the multicopter based measurement system and its first great achievements in terms of repeatability and accuracy.

Today, Skyguide’s CNS Drone, based on extensive experience and its high level of achievements, has opened new horizons in terms of ILS/VOR measurement techniques: for preventive and corrective maintenances, and for new ILS commissioning.

Following ICAO Document 8071, the excellent correlation enables a flight check reduction by 50% from 2022 in Switzerland (approved by the civil and military regulators). More than a complement to flight check, it is an enabler of the reduction of the CNS maintenance costs, as well as noise disturbance and CO2 emissions.


Visit the Skyguide booth (#1220) at the World ATM Congress from the 26th to 28th October 2021 in Madrid for more insights about this innovative solution or join our presentation on the 26th October 2021, 16.45 in the Frequentis Aviation Arena.

Speakers: Hervé Demule, Gregor Aschwanden