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An attractive employer

An attractive employer


Many of the jobs at skyguide are in a technologically challenging field that offers sizeable development potential. Those who are willing to do so have every opportunity to steadily expand and refine their expertise. Employee satisfaction, too, is a prime skyguide priority.



Skyguide is a company that people like to work for. This was confirmed by the 2018 Universum study of Switzerland’s 
100 most attractive employers, in which skyguide further improved its ranking in several categories. In addition to the advantageous working terms and conditions, it is the company’s active promotion of diversity in its workforce, its equal opportunities philosophy and the harmonious collaboration of cultures from what are currently 34 different nations that are the foundations of this appeal. Skyguide offers employment opportunities to those embarking on their careers and to older individuals alike. The company also strives to integrate people with disabilities into the working world. And women are actively supported in pursuing their careers.


A new controllers’ CLA
Skyguide has five unions and professional associations as its social partners. The company’s air traffic controllers are 
represented by the Aerocontrol, Skycontrol, Association du Personnel de la Tour de contrôle (APTC) and Personalverband des Bundes (PVB) associations, while its administrative, operational and technical (AOT) personnel are represented by the Syndicom union. The AOT personnel are subject to a collective labour agreement (CLA) which was concluded in 2016 and runs until 2019. And after extensive negotiations, the company’s air traffic controllers approved a new CLA by a large majority in July 2018 which will remain valid until the end of 2020.


The Skyguide Training Centre
The Skyguide Training Centre (STC) trains the company’s own air traffic controllers, air navigation services employees (ANSEs) and air traffic safety electronics personnel (ATSEPs) for their work. The Centre provided 20 422 training days in 2018 (prior year: 16 221 days). Some 48 students (prior year: 29) began their basic controller training, while eight existing trainee controllers (prior year: 15) were awarded their licences and assumed their new duties. Twenty (prior year: 15) internal and 21 (prior year: 13) external students completed their basic ATSEP training or qualification courses.


The STC, which is equipped with state-of-the-art simulators and new learning tools, is gradually shifting its training methodology away from the traditional instructor-led training towards a more student-centred approach. The STC actively promotes the development of e-learning solutions, and aligns itself and its activities to the latest adult education standards, all with the aim of continuously further raising its training success rates, enhancing its efficiency and reducing its costs.