An attractive employer

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An attractive employer

Jobs in the aviation industry offer variety and excitement in an international atmosphere.

Skyguide employs people in a wide range of roles including Air Traffic Controllers, instructors, administration employees, trainers, Air Navigation Services Employees, compliance specialists, Air Navigation Safety Electronics Employees, application managers, project managers… People from over 30 different countries and cultures work at Skyguide in over 80 different jobs. The company’s 1500 employees are based at 14 locations throughout Switzerland and are responsible for more than 3500 civil and military aircraft movements every day.

Skyguide has received several innovation awards. It offers a wide variety of training opportunities, individual working time models, a good work-life balance with part-time jobs and home working, the option of taking sabbaticals and childcare for managers’ children.

We also received the SGS Certificate (Fair-ON-Pay+), which is proof for our longstanding commitment to a fair salary system.

We employ people of any age

We rely on the experience and the potential of older employees. This is why we hire people of any age. At Skyguide, age makes up an important part of diversity and we believe that employees of different generations can learn from one another. We are a partner in focus50plus, a network of employers under the auspices of the Swiss Employers’ Association which promotes the employability of older workers.

Working at Skyguide: Fair pay

The Fair-ON-Pay Advanced certificate recognises companies that are leaders in the field of equal pay. At Skyguide, we have received this certificate not only because we put the principle of equal pay for women and men into practice, but also because we offer our employees fair and transparent working conditions. This is proof that Skyguide puts the emphasis on individual talent and achievements and not on gender, ethnic origins, sexual orientation or religious convictions.

If you want to work in an environment where the focus is on equality and respect, then you will find exactly what you are looking for at Skyguide.

Find out what it's like working at Skyguide

Find out what it's like working at Skyguide

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