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Our national and international customers benefit from our strength in managing complexity and from our broad technological and cross-cultural background. Our focus and competence on operations, engineering and technical services, training as well as in consulting services in the field of aviation and especially air navigation services are well-known.

Our services and products



Air navigation services require the highest standards of safety and reliability. To satisfy your needs, we apply Swiss quality tailor-made engineering services. Skyguide’s technicians and engineers develop, maintain and upgrade key navigational and support equipment with continuity. Our wide range of innovative solutions fulfills all your requirements. Skyguide is a recognised innovator, and is actively participating in national and international development programmes.



CNS Services

The commissioning, operation and evolution of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) systems presents ANSP’s with a variety of challenges. Skyguide, being an ANSP itself, has gained a strong and well-recognized experience in this domain.

CNS Drone

Maintenance for CNS facilities like ILS or VOR can be greatly improved by measuring them from the air instead of being limited to ground measurements. Using drone technology, the signal can be measured further and higher in the air, providing more accurate results. The in-built software provides instant results that can be monitored and checked on ground. Thanks to its good correlation with flight check, CNS drone measurements represent an excellent complement that has the potential to reduce flight check and to reduce CNS maintenance cost.


The ILS Checker EVS software combined with the ILS/VOR Analyzer is a mobile ILS test system designed for ground measurement. It is a Windows-based application providing measured data acquisition, graphical display of results, and special analytical capabilities. Recommended by ICAO for preventive maintenance, ILS ground measurements are also useful for corrective maintenance and the preparation of commissioning flight checks.


The application’s main function is to assist FMP and ACC SPVR to manage staff’s workload and peaks while ensuring a smooth and efficient traffic flow. It supports the Supervisors to take the right decisions in managing traffic flows, such as selecting the correct sectorisation, or take proactive measures to avoid excess of demand or too complex traffic situations.


CPDLC cockpit

The CPDLC cockpit is a web-based real-time monitoring solution developed by an ANSP for ANSPs! It provides unprecedented capabilities to monitor the CPDLC service quality in real-time through a user-friendly yet powerful search engine and customizable dashboards. It is based on a single cloud platform shared by all participating ANSPs. Based on a common cloud-based open infrastructure, the CPDLC cockpit uses cutting-edge technology!


Before and during flight, we ensure delivery of the right aeronautical information in the right format at the right time.

We design tailor-made, accessible solutions for you, to guarantee optimal aeronautical information management.

Skyguide AIM provides Skybriefing, an online platform for flight plans, MET information and worldwide NOTAM, available from any device, serving 7000 users subscribers.

Another product from skyguide AIM is SmartNOTAM. Skilled operators process generic NOTAM information in such a way that typically contains 50–75% less NOTAMs.



En-route charts of Switzerland contains all routes defined and published for the Swiss airspace. They are available as separate charts for the lower and upper airspace.

AIP Screening Service

Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP) worldwide are updated and distributed every 28 days. Keeping track of all the changes relevant to an operation is tedious and labour intensive. The AIP screening service helps you to keep track of exactly such changes. The updates are screened based on customer specific criteria, extracted, collected and sent to you as electronic documents.

eVFR Manual

The eVFR Manual contains all relevant information for operating VFR flights within Switzerland and is updated on a regular basis. A major part of the manual is aerodrome information with general information on aerodromes, visual approach charts and area charts.


Skyguide enables you to optimise your air traffic management operations. We offer proven solutions for the entire air traffic management chain, and you benefit from our highly skilled and experienced air traffic personnel.

We implement and run – on your behalf – safe, efficient and cost-effective air traffic management, even in the most complex environments.


Airspace and procedure design

Skyguide provides design, verification and maintenance of flight procedures and/or airspace volumes according to the latest ICAO standards. With innovative and Swiss-precision designs based on the latest technologies and criteria, skyguide enables the best performance for your operations.

Helicopter operations

Skyguide significantly increases the operations of all-weather conditions (day and night), gaining in accessibility and safety. Skyguide provides instrument flight procedure designs and implementation support for: helicopter operators, both civil and military; airports; hospitals; Air navigation Service Providers; and Civil Aviation Authorities.

Wind turbine and obstacle assessments

Wind turbines can reflect, distort or mask electromagnetic signals of safety critical systems such as Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (Radar). Moreover, a minimum separation between wind turbines and airplanes is required to avoid any collision. Skyguide assesses the compatibility of wind turbines with Air Navigation Services before the start of construction. A clear answer to project developers and authorities is beneficial in terms of project risk.

Consulting services

Skyguide’s highly competent experts with their sound and broad expertise in advanced and future technology, engineering, air navigation service operations, data management and training, are able to provide our customers with forward-looking and business-oriented solutions. Listen to our customers and partners and establish an in-depth understanding of their endeavor forms the basis of each consulting service and creates the foundation for tailored innovative solutions and supportive actions.


Skyguide training center, your all-in-one ATM training provider offering a comprehensive product portfolio enabling safe and efficient Air Traffic Services. Visit our “training” page for further information.


ATCO Basic Training

The course provides a foundation level of theoretical knowledge, basic practical skills and understanding of the complete Air Traffic Management System. The successful completion of that course enables the student to continue with the rating training course.


ATCO Rating Training

The course is designed to focus on further developing the theoretical knowledge and the simulator skills in a specific area of application (TWR, APP or ACC). After successful completion the student receives a student air traffic controller license.


ATCO Continuation Training

Continuation Training includes all training activities delivered to Air Traffic Controllers, Air Navigation Service Employees and Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel to maintain knowledge and skills and/or to prepare for changes to the operational environment. It includes Refresher, Emergency and Conversion Training.


Skyguide has a long-lasting experience in offering high quality continuation training to external customers. Any course may be adapted to the customer’s needs.

ATCO Development Training

Development Training includes all training activities delivered to people entering or carrying out a trainer function, either part- or full-time, in operational ATM environment. This includes On-the-Job-Training-Instructors (OJTI), Simulation-Training-Device-Instructors (STDI), Classroom Instructors, Assessors, and Facilitators.

ATSEP Basic Training

The Basic Training course for Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP) is designed to impart fundamental knowledge of the CNS/ATM environment and skills applicable to all ATSEP learners.


The course content is in line with the EUROCONTROL specifications for the ATSEP Initial Training and is compliant with the European Commission Regulation ‘EU CR 2017/373’. The course is strongly focusing on the operational environment.


ATSEP Qualification Training

Skyguide offers five Qualification streams (six courses) and the shared qualification – all courses are compliant with the European Commission Regulation ‘EU CR 2017/373. Any course can be taken individually or several can be selected as a combination.


Participants should have completed a basic ATSEP course at skyguide or other recognised training academy prior to starting an ATSEP Qualification course.